oikosoikos Executive Board 2008

oikos Executive Board 2008

Katharina Beck – President 2008

Katharina Beck

Katharina Beck is currently working at the Institute for Social Banking in Bochum, Germany. In 2008, she was president of oikos International and she is still involved with oikos in inspiring students to start oikos Chapters.

Katharina has graduated in 2007 in Regional Sciences of Latin America at the University of Cologne, Germany. Her carreer included Political Sciences, International Law, History and Romance Literature and Linguistics (Spanisch and Portuguese). Due to her strong interest in economics, ecology and human rights she engaged at the oikos local chapter in Cologne. Among other activities, she organized evening lectures to improve the students’ knowledge on sustainable economics and management and took care of the website. She participated in several oikos International meetings, for example the oikos Model WTO in 2007. Moreover, during her studies she was chairperson of a newspaper on Latin America, Spain and Portugal where she concentrated on the topics of economics, politics, human rights and conflict-management in Latin America.

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Annika Ströh – Director Internal Processes

Annika Ströh

Annika studies biology at the University of Hamburg. Within her main subject zoology she is specialized in ecology and environmental protection. She is currently working on her thesis about the impact of urbanisation on dragonflies and damselflies in Hamburg. Since July 2005, she is an active member of the oikos local chapter in Hamburg, where, for example, she co-organized the “Hamburger Klimatage – Schicksalsfrage für kommende Generationen” dealing with the topic of sustainability and climate change. Annika is recently very active in her local chapter with several projects to recruit new members as an exhibition for student organisations. Her focus at oikos has always been on networking and international meetings to get a better insight of what oikos does and how it acts. As director of Internal Processes she aims to optimize integration of the chapters into an even more effective network.

Dirk Schneider – Director Network Support

Dirk Schneider

Dirk graduated in Law. He has been studying Law, Management and Economics at the University of Bayreuth (Germany), European and International Law at the K.U. Leuven (Belgium) and Political Science and History at the University of Hagen (Germany). Having worked at the Institute of Philosophy at the University of Bayreuth, he is now preparing for the launch of an innovative platform serving responsible business behaviour. Since January 2006, Dirk is the member of the oikos International Executive Board responsible for Alumni. In 2006, Dirk also managed the local oikos group in Bayreuth.

Frank-Elmar Linxweiler – Director Finances

Frank-Elmar Linxweiler

Frank graduated from the University of St.Gallen and holds a Master in Economics and Finance. After his studies he completed as well the Chartered Financial Analyst program of the CFA-Institue and the Certified Financial Risk Manager program of the Global Association of Risk Professionals. Currently he is working as a wealth manager for individuals and he is a teaching assistant for economics at the University of St.Gallen. Frank joined oikos-St.Gallen in 1996 and he was among the people who took the decision to found oikos International. Subsequently he served as the president of oikos St.Gallen and as the Financial Director both for oikos St.Gallen and oikos International. Two examples of his oikos work are a workshop on „Green Venture Capital“ at the oikos Conference 1997 and a workshop on „Sustainability Stock Indexes“ at an oikos Conference 2004 in Ljubljana. Frank belonged as well to the team that organised the first Model WTO in 1997.

Sebastian Gehart – Director International Events

Sebastian Gehart

Sebastian Gehart studied Political Science at the University of Hamburg and International Affairs at the University of St. Gallen. He joined oikos St. Gallen in 2006 and was part of the oikos Model WTO 2007 team. As Director for International Events, Sebastian supports the main oikos projects: oikos Model WTO, oikos Winter School and the oikos Biannual Meetings. His is interested primarily in the national and international governance of sustainable development, trade and environmental issues and gathered hand-on experience in these issues through working on development projects in South and South-East Asia. He is currently employed as Consultant for financial governance and accountability with the German Technical Cooperation (GTZ) GmbH in Frankfurt, Germany.

Tashaffi Khan – Director Marketing

Tashaffi Khan

Tashaffi Khan studies Economics at the North South University, Dhaka, Bangladesh. He has strong interest in Corporate Social Responsibility and Communication in Sustainability. During his studies he has participated in oikos Winterschool and worked in projects of BBC Bengali Service and Unitrend Ltd. (A affiliate of McCann Erickson Worldgroup) – a marketing communication agency. He also served as Treasurer and then General Secretary of the Young Economists’ Forum, a local student organization. Moreover, he organized international students’ economics conferences and interactive seminars like ‘CrossTalk’. During 2006/2007 he was the Vice-President of oikos Dhaka which has hosted numerous sustainability events in Bangladesh. As Director Marketing he shares the task of administering oikos International and to develop oikos corporate identity. He is responsible for media, network contact, promotional and editorial activities within and beyond the oikos network.