oikosoikos Executive Board 2010

oikos Executive Board 2010

Anna Ritschel – President 2010

Anna Ritschel

Anna Ritschel studied economics at the University of Bayreuth, Germany. Her focus areas are international trade relations and finance. She joined oikos Bayreuth in April 2006. As an active member in her chapter she especially worked on a project introducing sustainability reporting in her university. In this context she took part in the oikos Project Leadership Programme. She was part of the EB in 2009 as director internal processes, compiling and providing information to the oikos network and externally.


Zoe Foss

Zoe Foss

Zoe started her PhD in Sustainable Management at Queen’s University, Belfast in February 2010.  Before starting her PhD Zoe gained an MSc Environmental Management and a BA (Hons) in Economic and Social History.  She also has over ten years experience working in IT and Project Management.  She joined oikos Belfast in April 2009 and acted as Project Leader for the 2009 oikos International Autumn Meeting.  She is currently President of oikos Belfast.  In the Executive Board 2010 she is responsible for oikos Ashland, oikos Belfast, oikos Johannesburg, oikos London and oikos Monrovia.


Tomasz Hajduk

Tomasz Hajduk

Tomek studies corporate finance and financial markets at the Warsaw School of Economics and law at the University of Warsaw. He is especially interested in creating value added for shareholders and links between corporate responsibility and financial performance. Tomek has joined oikos Warsaw in 2007. He was an active member and carried out several projects including conferences, seminars and researches. He was elected as the President of oikos Warsaw in 2009. Tomek’s hobbies include basketball, tennis and hiking. In the Executive Board 2010 he is responsible for oikos Bratislava, oikos Opole, oikos Prague and oikos Warsaw.


Wolfgang Machur

Wolfgang Mahur

Wolfgang is involved in oikos since November 2007. He has been studying Economics in Munich and Socio-Economics with a major in Business Administrations (Finance) at Hamburg University. After finishing his Bachelor-Degree at Hamburg University in January 2010 he will be continuing his Master in “General Management” at Witten/Herdecke University. So far he did gain work experience in London (in a marketing agency start-up), as a Student Assistant in Munich, as an Intern at a management consultancy and as an Assistant at the social enterprise start-up studienaktie.org. For oikos he managed projects in Hamburg like a sustainability-city-guide or a podia discussion about the future of financial markets, took part in international projects and held several workshops. He was president of the re-founded oikos Hamburg society in 2009, where he worked on building up oikos Hamburg again as a stable chapter. His special fields of interests lie in the area of strategic management and sustainability, (social) entrepreneurship as well as new and modern forms of organisations and their management. During his time as a member of the oikos International Executive Board he will be reviewing oikos International projects, taking part in the strategy process and helping to strengthen relationships between oikos International and Local Chapter members, as well as between Local Chapters.


Kate Negacz

Kate Negacz

Kate Negacz studies International Economics at the Warsaw School of Economics and Law at  the University of Warsaw, Poland.  As a person strongly involved in the social aspects of sustainability she became a member of oikos Warsaw at the beginning of  her studies. Her interests in international relations, sustainability, world economic politics are closely connected with the sustainable development. She was an organiser and a participant of many oikos programmes such as Spring and Autumn Meetings, PLP, PDF. She works with many different academic organisations: oikos Warsaw, Amnesty International, Student Society for Foreign Affairs and Student Society for Corporate Finance. She was the oikos president in 2009. Kate is responsible for the oikos Local Chapters in Graz, Budapest, Bayreuth, St Gallen, Constance, Zagreb, Monrovia and Johannesburg.


Ralph Ripken

Ralph Ripken

Ralph studies environmental sciences, policy and management in a joint-European MSc program at the Central European University (CEU) in Budapest, the International Institute of Industrial Environmental Economics (IIIEE) at the University of Lund and the University of Manchester with a specialization on sustainable energy policy & systems. He received a BSc in international business from the European School of Business in Reutlingen (Germany) and the Reims Management School (France) with a major in Finance. During his bachelor he developed a particular interest in sustainable energy systems, with a focus on wind project development. The Master course allows him to work further on his main interest area and to add a stronger academic perspective.

Ralph joined oikos Reims in 2007 during its first steps and co-founded oikos Budapest in 2008 at CEU. He carried out seminars, awareness raising days & campaigns.  After being elected as President in 2009 he has focused on establishing stable chapter structures. Beside oikos, he loves spending time outdoors cycling, hiking or skiing. His responsibility in the Executive Board 2010 is to strengthen the relation and exchange between oikos International and oikos Bayreuth, oikos Budapest, oikos Constance, oikos Graz, oikos St. Gallen and oikos Zagreb, as well as between these local chapters.