oikosoikos Spring Meeting 2020

oikos Spring Meeting 2020

oikos Spring Meeting 2020

Spring Meeting 2020 takes place in Baku, Azerbaijan from 9th to 12th of April.

Recently, Inclusive Development has become a topic of crucial importance all over the world. This concept extends traditional models of economic development, with particular emphasis on health equality, human capital, environmental quality, social protection, and food security.

According to The World Economic Forum 2018 reports (Inclusive Development Index – IDI), Azerbaijan holds the third-highest rank in an inclusive development index among the economies of 79 developing countries.

Particularly, Baku is one of the foremost spots in the world with more than 4 million people and more than 15 diverse nationalities as well as religions and it gives the real feeling of inclusiveness.

Thuswise, in this venture, oikos Baku will emphasize Social, Ecological, and Relational Inclusiveness to be as subjects of Spring Meeting 2020.

Spring Meeting 2020 will include productive seminars, discussions, and workshops to exchange innovative ideas among more than 100 enthusiastic youths from all over the world. The participants will be given a chance to directly communicate with the expert and ask them relevant questions.

As a result, the participants will gain deeper insight into the topic of Inclusive Development and broaden their horizons by collaboration with peers from diverse backgrounds. The project will propose new perspectives to look at the trend and empower participants to gain more control of inclusiveness in their cities. 


  • Comprehending the implication of ID along with sustainability in a global framework.
  • Focusing aspects of ID on the global population and transforming the current concept to the strategy of oikos.
  • Ensuring adequate actions of marginalized groups toward several aspects of inclusive growth. 


To promote the spirit of unity through the friendship and mutual understanding towards globalized, sustained and inclusive economy among individuals and marginalized groups in transforming platforms. 

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