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10 - 13

CEE Regional Meeting Praga 2014

The third Central-Eastern European meeting was organized in Prague from 10 to 13 September. Two of our members spend a lovely time there, not only during the lectures, but also in the "night session". The main topic of the meeting was wasting food, specifying we talked about the causes of wasting food, how to avoid the situation, what to do if it's happen. It showed how important is planning productions, supply chain and logistic.

During the meeting was a lot of interesting lectures like Meat Atlas, Food Bank, sustainable buildings, but the biggest attention was focused on Laura Hubert-Eustachi, from Vienna.The session was held via Skype and Laura has presented her experience with dumpster diving in the capital of Austria.

When it comes to describe meeting, you remember not only about the lectures and case study, which btw were also great, but also about the food and pubbing. We have to appreciate the food, it was so delicious, aspecial Love Kido and LoVeg. We have also to say thank you: to India friends, for the hospitality and enormous good diner, to all participants for time which you spend with us on drinking beer, and of course we admire the good organization - oikos Prague - well done.

We are waiting for the next meeting.


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