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Paderborns 1st Climate Change Simulation

05 April 2018 | Chapter-News

oikos Paderborn and PaderMun invite you to take part in Paderborns first World Climate Change Simulation. These workshops are held all over the world and we are happy to announce that we will host this event in Paderborn.

The Paris Agreement on Climate Change concluded in December 2015. It is the first international agreement in which developed and emerging countries jointly declared to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions. The overall goal is to prevent the average global temperature from rising more than two degrees Celsius. The comparison value is the temperature before industrialization.
How can this goal be achieved, taking into account national interests? And who has to take which action steps?

This and much more we will discuss on 27.04. in the form of a simulation game we will observe whether this goal can be achieved. After a brief introduction into the topic, we will form several stakeholder groups. These will negotiate with each other to establish coalitions. Afterwards all participants come together for the big conference. Here we will simulate life and conclude whether negotiated measures are sufficient to reach the two-degree target in the next 100 years.

When and where? On April 27th 2018 13-17 o’clock in AStA Stadtcampus

Refreshments, snacks and materials will be provided.

The event if for FREE.

You can register at: https://pbwcsimulation.wordpress.com/ until 15.04. It is necessary, as a minimum number of participants must be reached! The events are open to anyone interested.

Please notice, to make the workshop more accessible for everyone, we decided to host the event in ENGLISH. We aren’t native and don’t expect you to be perfectly fluent 🙂 This is supposed to be an informative and fun event, open for everyone.