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An aggregated list of production locations of 64 Dutch garment and textile companies, together producing 80 brands, was published today. The Dutch Agreement on Sustainable Garments and Textile says it is an important step towards further transparency of the supply chain. (We are looking forward to seeing such a list for France as well!)

It’s not as easy as it seems to know where to buy sustainable fashion. The aforementioned list for instance does not show which production location delivers to which company.. Therefore, we decided to write down some tips for you when looking for your summer essentials.

1. Be curious: Ask your favourite brand questions!
The more often clothing brands hear that their customers find fair conditions important, the more they will feel the need to do something about it. Students from the Master International Sustainability Management at ESCP all went to fast fashion stores on the same day, in order to create awareness among these companies.

2. Look at ‘mainstream’ brands that already do more to support the rights of workers

For instance look at the Fair Wear Foundation: https://www.fairwear.org/brands/

3. Buy fair / sustainable / ethical fashion

There are more and more (alternative) clothing brands that profile themselves as fair, because they are focusing on fair trade, or use recycled materials. For instance, at the last oikos Spring Meeting in Hamburg, we came to known many very cool brands – for instance that made clothes out of plastic bottles or fish nets!


However, we should take into account that sustainable fashion is a very broad term. Clothing stores should themselves demonstrate which aspects of sustainable fashion (fair, ethical, etc.) they try to focus on.

4. Consider buying vintage / second-hand clothing

Organise a clothing-swap with your friends to give clothes a second life. The Parigo Green festival organised by the Conscious Club at ESCP last May showed how successful & fun a clothing-swap could be!

Together we can help improving the fashion industry!

Be Informed – Get Involved – Make a Difference