oikos PennAbout




oikos Penn is the first North American-based chapter of oikos International, a student non-profit organization that seeks to promote sustainability in economics, management and business.




We believe that ecological, economic, and social sustainability belong together and are essential elements for a better tomorrow. Our vision is for all students to embrace sustainability as a guiding principle in their education and in their lives--starting now.




Based at the University of Pennsylvania, our mission is to embed environmental and sustainability perspectives into economics education through a diverse portfolio of guest lectures, workshops, and projects.


Our long term and short term objectives include providing a platform for sustainability education to empower the future sustainability leaders of tomorrow.




Disciplined creation

Disciplined creators succeed by being steadfast in making order out of chaos, setting goals, staying focused, and continually measuring progress.


Regenerative thinking

Regenerative thinkers understand, build, and adapt to enduring social, environmental, and economic systems.


Progress acceleration

Progress accelerators employ technology, maximize efficiencies, and utilize synergies to catalyze more rapid development of a sustainable society.


Catalyzing Play

Players who challenge themselves to uncover the fun in work.


If you are interested in joining oikos Penn please feel free to email [email protected]