oikos PennEventsStudent Reporter – Global Energy Initiative Energy Security and Sustainability


11 - 12

Student Reporter – Global Energy Initiative Energy Security and Sustainability

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    oikos Penn Student Reporter will be covering the event with social media and blogs. For anyone interested in the event, please contact Ta-You @


    Amid existing widespread energy poverty, rising environmental degradation, and the dangers of global warming, tackling the issues of energy security and sustainability have never been more urgent. The global scope of these issues has always been present, but with the escalation of climate change as an international priority and its emergence as a global security threat has made the issues of energy access, security and sustainability of primary concern in the 21st century.

    The United Nation’s declaration that 2014-2024 is The Decade of Sustainable Energy for All is a call to action for the international community across the wide spectrum of industry, governments, academia, and grassroots organizations. Global Energy Initiative, through the Global Energy Conference on Energy Security and Sustainability, seeks to provide a unique opportunity for this diverse array of stakeholders to convene and share vision and action for achieving Sustainable Energy for All.