oikos PennProjects

oikos Case Writing Competition

Helping students learn a topic through detailed case studies »

oikos Future Lab

The annual two-day forum provides an interactive environment for students and business representatives to discuss current sustainability issues. »

oikos Photo Competition

Through a photographer's eye, oikos photo competition will showcase sustainability in management to the public »

oikos Student Reporter

oikos student reporter is a student run journalism hub for sustainability in economics and management »

oikos Penn Seminar Series

oikosPenn invites students to come and hear experts in the fields talk of sustainability and network »

oikos Penn Happy Hour

Want to meet someone in the MES/MSAG program? come and have a chat over good food and great drinks »

oikosPenn Student Projects

Highlighting student projects »

Penn Sustainability Group

Join other sustainable organizations on the penn campus and celebrate the greening of our campus »