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TaYou Gordon Huang "Sustainable Bio-Wall": To stand in front of a five stories tall wall of plants is but of amazing. The Five stories tall Biowall located minutes from downtown Philadelphia is a must see for any urban design geeks.

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Yikun Liu "Eco-Car" : In US, daily oil consumption is 19.2 MILLION barrels, and 53% of the oil is used by automobile and trucking. Besides huge oil demand, conventional cars also generate toxic gas which affects public health. Electric car uses electricity that is stored in batteries, and it doesn't emit harmful tailpipe gas. This electric car is owned by Atlantic County Utility Authority of New Jersey.

oikos Penn 2013 photo competition photo 2

Yixiu Zheng "Green Footbridge": People enjoy the sunshine in California, and that become even better with cooling refreshing shade! Provided by vines that perfectly matches withe wire meshes covering the footbridge, it offers pedestrians a comfortable walking space and greener scenery to drivers. And the most amazing thing is that they are made with sustainable and eco-friendly materials—plants! These pictures were taken in San Diego, CA.