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Ruchi Bio PicRuchi Shah is a motivated student from India where she pursued her Bachelor’s in Biotechnology. Over the past four years, while studying biotechnology with a few environmental subjects she developed an inclination towards environment studies which made her aware about the issues and challenges faced by our planet. Currently at University of Pennsylvania, she is a master’s candidate focusing in Environmental Sustainability. She keeps herself updated about innovative sustainability strategies being implemented by corporations and enjoys learning about aspects of product sustainability and corporate social responsibility.
She is also a case writer at oikos Penn and recently wrote a case on GlaxoSmithKline and carbon neutrality.  Recently she got her article on ‘How Competition Drove Energy Savings at the University of Pennsylvania‘ in Sustainable Brands. With all her knowledge and passion, she wishes to pursue her career as a Sustainability Analyst and hopes to help companies find innovative sustainable options for their product line. Achieving balance and thus stability is where she sees her future.


Leah KahlerLeah A.R. Kahler is from Montana, earned a bachelor’s in Fashion Design and Marketing in London, and thereafter moved to New York City. Involving herself in the sustainable fashion scene there pushed her to pursue a longtime passion of her’s full-time – by studying Environmental Sustainability at Penn. Researching about the toxicity in the fashion industry, including alternative technologies and materials for textile dyes, she wishes to be a part of the solution to creating a less environmentally detrimental industry.

Professionally, she would like to start out consulting in both the private and public sector. She would love to combine her love of traveling with working in conjunction with international organizations, aiding in producing sustainable development plans for communities in need. Having some experiences in environmental non-profit work, she enjoys research and outreach, and the opportunity that oikos provides as a platform for her and others to further this critical communication towards sustainable solutions. What's more Leah has her own blog, EarthIsIt that focuses on accessing nature and its benefits to people.


Ta-You Huang is a student at University of Pennsylvania studying for a Master in Environmental Science with a concenrtation in corporate sustainability and risk management. He is the president of oikos Penn 2013-2014 and an active member in the Penn community.

With experiences in the non-profit and private sector, Ta-You enjoys the opportunities that oikos provides to allow him to share his experiences with the community.