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20 January 2016 | Chapter-News | Climate Change, Development, Economics, Education, Energy, Growth, Leadership

New elective track of study within Master’s Programme  "International and Diplomatic Studies" now available at the University of Economics in Prague.

Environmental Policy and International Relations (EPIR)

Study courses within this track offer insights from environmental economics and policy, sustainable management of natural resources and energy, international legal aspects in environmental protection, environmental conflict resolution, including negotiations, and ​​multi-criteria analysis of environmental quality for international comparisons.


The track of the study programme prepares students for professional and/or academic careers. The major opportunities for its graduates:

  • Environmental public administration bodies; including positions in various international environmental governance organizations, ministries of the environment and relevant departments of regional and municipal governments;
  • Environmental management of companies, namely large and international ones;
  • NGOs focusing on environmental and sustainability issues;
  • Research at university departments and other research institutions;
  • Work in various environmental and sustainable development consultancy firms.

Why to study environmental issues in the Czech Republic?

Although a small country, it has a rich tradition in national and international environmental policy. For instance, did you know that: The first environmental protection laws were adopted already in the 1960s? The first world environmental protection conference organized in Stockholm in 1972 was initiated in Prague in 1968? The “Environment for Europe” process was born in the Czech town of Dobříš in 1991? The Czech Republic hosted the 16th meeting of the Parties to the Montreal Protocol on the ozone layer protection in 2004? There is a long-standing tradition of education and research in this field in the Czech Republic.


Structure of the track’ study programme

The track’ study programme consists of 30 credits for the compulsory courses, 3 credits for the diploma work, 3 credits for the research seminar, and 3 credits for state exam. Students of track are encouraged to select additional elective courses oriented on the environmental and sustainability issues.


Environmental Economics and Policy
International Law and Environmental Policy
Sustainability in Natural Resources and Energy
Environmental Conflicts Resolution via Negotiation
Multi-criteria Analysis of Environmental Quality



State exam: Student draws two questions; these questions are based on pre-prepared areas of questions distributed to students in advance. Knowledge resulting from seminar projects developed within this track will be taken into an account.


Research seminar: will help the students to search for a good diploma theses topic and to learn about the methodology of work on the theses.


Diploma thesis: will be elaborated on actual topics. Experts from practice will serve as consultants of the theses.


After successful completion of the Master's programme the students may continue in one of the following PhD programs: Political Science, International Political Relations, European Studies, International Business, Commercial and International Economic Law.



Admission requirements

To enroll to the track, simply apply for the Master's programmme "International and Diplomatic Studies (IDS)". Applicants into the IDS programme who would like to study the “Environmental Track” are asked to select the environmental track at http://ids.vse.cz/apply/how-to-apply/ (point “g”).



For more info about the IDS program see: http://ids.vse.cz/



For more info about the “Environmental Track” (EPIR) kindly contact:



prof. Ing. Petr ŠAUER, CSc., prof. h.c.

Institute for Sustainable Business, director

University of Economics, Prague, Czech Republic

Faculty of International Relations

W. Churchilla 4

130 67 Prague 3