oikos Academies provide a platform for exceptional PhD and postdoctoral researchers to advance their research and expand their research relations


With 30 years of history, oikos Alumni create impact in business, government, NGOs and academia. They share their insights within the oikos community through a variety of projects

Associates and PhD Fellows

oikos Associates and PhD Fellows advance sustainability research on specific topics, and expand engagements related to their expertise within the oikos community

Cases Program

The oikos Cases Program supports cases on sustainability in management, finance and entrepreneurship. It comprises the annual Case Writing Competition and the Case Collection


The oikos FutureLab is our annual flagship event to gather our student members, alumni, faculty and partners to design and advance joint projects supporting the oikos mission


The oikos Leadership Program (LEAP) inspires young leaders to become more responsible in their decision making and equips them with insights, knowledge and tools to do so

Learning Circles

Learning Circles are participatory groups where passionate people gather to advance new ideas and projects around a certain topic. We currently run Learning Circles on six subjects

oikos-PRME Research Hub

The oikos-PRME Research Hub is a platform for bachelor, master and PhD students to share, engage and connect on sustainability research

Regional Meetings

Regional Meetings gather oikos members to develop joint initiatives, raise awareness for a relevant topic and build partnerships in a specific region

Spring Meeting

The oikos Spring Meeting, hosted by a different Chapter every year, offers opportunities for oikos members to explore current sustainability topics, exchange practices and launch projects

Summer and Winter School

The oikos Summer and Winter Schools are venues for up to 30 passionate participants to engage in open debates on a significant topic. They are hosted annually by oikos Tbilisi and Witten