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Alumni Debate: Discussing the classroom and work experiences in management for a sustainable future

17 May 2019 | News

A deep reflection on management for a sustainable future is critical as a new generation is entering a turbulent world of work with an ever-increasing need for sustainability-oriented decision-makers. The higher education system should spearhead this reflection, as it prepares students to become managers and leaders of tomorrow.  At the same time, universities and business schools undoubtedly should engage with different stakeholders that can inform and support higher education institutions to better equip young people to meet the needs of sustainability in their day-to-day work environment. We wanted to reach out to young professionals in order to understand their needs and learn about their views on the role of higher education in bridging the gap between sustainable and... »

oikos Newsletter May 2019

15 May 2019 | Newsletters

The May edition of our newsletter is here. Learn about our global alumni contest, meet people who are working on the FutureLab 2019, get to know our exceptional member Paula Heeß and alumnus William Barrault. Read how oikos Cologne welcomed over 600 students to a discussion with Yanis Varoufakis, economist and former finance minister of Greece, and watch LEAP webinar on leadership featuring Mark Wade, oikos advisor and leading expert of sustainability. Check out the whole newsletter here... »

Global Contest: Design the alumni network of your dreams

13 May 2019 | News

What is the Alumni Global Contest? It’s a global, inclusive and collaborative contest where every member of our community can participate and create a vision of the alumni network. Upload your vision for the network and let the oikos community decide on the winners. oikos will cover FutureLab participation fee for the winners of the competition. Follow us on our facebook & Linkedin page for regular updates! Also check our oikos Alumni Facebook & Linkedin group Not a fan of social media ? Register a personal call with *protected email* oikos VP of alumni network, to get more info! Background information oikos has a long (hi)story: it’s 32 years old now. Throughout the years, oikos has changed a lot, and... »

30 seconds with Paula Heeß

02 May 2019 | News

Take 30 seconds to meet Paula Heeß, an amazing oikee from oikos Bayreuth, Germany. For over two years now, she has contributed to the work of our organization at local and international levels. She is a busy bee at oikos working as a member of the oikos Re-Structuring Working Group, FutureLab 2019 organizer, LEAP coach, and regional volunteer. She is a spirited, understanding and an all-around great person. I first heard of oikos in 2016 when an oikos St. Gallen alumnus recommended the organization to me after he learned that I would study in Bayreuth. I was very curious about oikos since it had an interface with my business studies but also brought a new aspect to it.... »

oikos Newsletter April 2019

16 April 2019 | Newsletters

The April edition of our newsletter is here. You can explore different opportunities to engage in our community and learn what our community has been up to in the preceding month. Read the whole newsletter here... »

oikos Roundtable: Discussing economics curriculum for a sustainable future

15 April 2019 | News

Calls for reform in economics have intensified significantly in recent years. The financial crisis highlighted the risks of relying on a narrow set of neoclassical economic models and amplified demands for a more diverse approach to teaching and research in the field. Growing challenges to sustainable prosperity add further urgency to the need to shift. Rising inequality and environmental threats are cases in point. The need for change is further amplified by the economic story that shapes our lives. In the words of F. S. Michaels  “In these early decades of the twenty-first century, the master story is economic: economic beliefs, values and assumptions are shaping how we think, feel and act”. On 28th March 2019, oikos organized... »

oikos Winter School “Growing Cities, growing responsibilities – taking the lead to a sustainable future”

14 April 2019 | News

The oikos Winter School 2019 explored a range of topics from Megacities and Smart Cities to new energy and transportation concepts to civic participation. In this interactive blog prepared by Janina Hoffmann,  one of the participants of the winter school and oikos communications and marketing working group member, you can take a closer look at the topics covered by inspiring speakers and passionate participants. The shaping of us This story is relevant to you, as urban space is about your living space. Central to this topic are the questions: How do we want to live? How do we imagine our living spaces? How can we shape our habitat? I joined this year’s Winter School to find answers to... »

30 seconds with the oikos Spring Meeting 2019 Team

02 April 2019 | News

They are the reason behind the success of the Spring Meeting 2019, and who can better tell their story but the team itself. In this edition of the 30 seconds with segment meet our amazing organizers from oikos Belgrade! When it comes to challenges, our team always faces them with courage and always tries to go beyond our capabilities. But by accepting the challenge of organizing such a big and important conference, we surpassed all our ambitions.  This small, but unique team of six invested a lot of efforts and worked hard to deliver the Spring Meeting 2019. The result is an unforgettable experience, new knowledge, skills, and life-long friendships, as well as the inevitable fun – because... »

oikos Spring Meeting 2019: understanding challenges and opportunities in Sustainable Urbanism

28 March 2019 | News

Rising sea levels, increased precipitation and inland floods are but a few challenges facing cities amidst increasing global temperatures. Add to it worrying number of deaths from air pollution, overpopulation, waste-disposal problems, poverty and one cannot help but see the need for urgent action. The question is what can be done to slow down and eventually reverse these trends? From 16th to 17th March 2019, the oikos Spring Meeting 2019 focused on the topic of Sustainable Urbanism in an attempt to find an answer to the question. By bringing together students from around the world and leading sustainability professionals based in Belgrade, Serbia the event assessed the extent of urban problems, looked into the world of sustainable cities... »

The LEAP Mid-Term Meeting 2019: Sailing on the sustainability wave

25 March 2019 | News

In March 2019, oikos LEAP Advanced Participants met in Belgrade, Serbia. In this pesonal blog story Maike and Hannah,  two of the meeting participants recount their brief LEAP journey. In March 2019 seventeen oikos LEAPers from all over the world set sails to continue their journey of self-development and leadership training. The unique setting on a picturesque houseboat on the Danube river in Belgrade entailed not only a floating conference room but also a comfy fireplace and individually decorated dorm rooms which fostered our creativity and helped us discover more about our personalities. Cooking dinner for each other in the evenings did not only serve as a teambuilding activity but also, as a matter of fact, sustained us.... »