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oikos in Residence is a platform for accelerating the creation of materials that will help groups working toward curriculum change in economics and management.

Over the years, we have learned that students are totally capable of creating many of the resources we need to successfully campaign for curriculum change. We’ve also learned that creating these resources can take a ton of time, especially when teams are working with students based in different places.

The goal of oikos in Residence is to kickstart or accelerate these projects by providing a physical space for extended in-person work on international projects related to curriculum change.

The student movement to reform economics and management education has already produced an exciting number of books, reports, articles, bookelts, and websites (read more about that here). The Residence program will continue this tradition by helping members develop, expand and advance their own projects.

1st oikos in Residence

13–16 February 2020: Basel, Switzerland

The first oikos in Residence gathed members of oikos International, oikos chapters, and Rethinking Economics to create and discuss materials that could be useful for oikos groups that are focused on curriculum change. This workshop built off of the work done by Sam de Muijnck and Joris Tieleman’s forthcoming book, Economy Studies, which creates a framework for students and faculty to think critically about the components required to train a modern-day economist. 

The workshop focused on adapting the elements outlined in Economy Studies to be relevant for business education, with a special foucs on the “building blocks” which set out the crucial toolkit of materials, topics, and skills that should all be present throughout the degree program.

The goal is to now create a more formalized “design your own curriculum” document that can aid students who are interested in working to change their business education. As business schools are becoming increasingly reflective over the importance of environmental conditions and sustainability efforts, as well as the effects these will have on graduates and the world they enter into when starting their careers, there is building momentum for creating a new form of business education. This framework will serve as a guide to how these major changes can be instituted at every level.

Read more about the first Residence event here.

2nd oikos in Residence

Date and Place to be determined

The second oikos in Residence was orginially planned to be held in-person in Turin, Italy in June 2020. Due to the global spread of COVID-19, we are now consitering other dates and formats for the event.

The second oikos in Residence will continue the project started in Basel by bringing together more students to work on writing the “build your own management degree” guide. The Residence will also provide space for students to develop new international research projects.

Stay tuned for more details about upcoming events! If you’re interested in the program, contact our Curriculum Research Manager at .