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  • The oikos FutureLab is our flagship event taking place every autumn since 2011. Due to the current situation, the latest edition of FutureLab will take place from March 25-28, 2021.

    The main goal of the event is to bring together our community, network, and strengthen our actions for integrating sustainability in economics and management curricula. At the FutureLab, the whole community meets to build partnerships among oikos members, alumni, faculty, partners and more.

    To reach the targets of the Paris agreement dramatic adjustments are necessary and associations, governments, companies and citizens know that it will be impossible to reach them without a global transition towards more sustainable practices in all sectors. However, while transition is assured, justice is not. It is vital, while making policies or changing practices, to think of those that are affected by it and ensure that those measures are fair towards all stakeholders. The FutureLab 2021 will explore ideas and best practices of how to establish justice in this transition – environmentally, economically and socially. It will create a space to discuss justice and provide a stage for exactly those often forgotten stakeholders.


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  • Team

    Oikos Darija Miletić

    Darija Miletić

    oikos Belgrade

    Logistics + Fundraising & Partnerships

    Team 2020

    Oikos Juliana Theurer

    Juliana Theurer

    oikos Reutlingen

    Program & Speakers + Fundraising & Partnerships

    Team 2020

    Oikos Nithin John

    Nithin John

    oikos Lille

    Marketing & Design

    Team 2020

    Oikos Chloé Motte

    Chloé Motte

    oikos Reims

    Team 2020

    Oikos Alexandra Horvath

    Alexandra Horvath

    oikos International

    Project coordination & link with oikos International

    Team 2020

    Oikos Eva Späte

    Eva Späte

    oikos Bayreuth

    Participants Management

    Team 2020

    Oikos Jana Lea Weise

    Jana Lea Weise

    oikos Bayreuth

    Program & Speakers

    Team 2020

    Oikos Magdalena Rusch

    Magdalena Rusch

    oikos Graz

    Team Lead 2020

  • Registration

    The applications for the FutureLab 2021 is not open yet.

    The oikos FutureLab 2021 will bring together a diverse representation of the oikos community and will allow in-depth discussions and exchange. We cordially invite active student members from oikos Chapters, alumni, faculty, advisors and partners to join us in November in Geneva. We encourage our community to actively participate in the preparation of the FutureLab 2019 and co-develop the agenda with us.


    oikos chapters are invited to encourage their most active members to apply. Since there are usually more applications than spaces, the organizing team may select chapter members. Each chapter is also guaranteed one spot in the FutureLab. Please, decide within your chapter who will take this space, and indicate it on the application form. The one person selected from the chapter will be awarded the FutureLab slot without further consideration from the organizing team. Other chapter members are also encouraged to apply. Their applications will be rated by the organizing team and the best candidates will be invited to Geneva in November.

    • The applications for the FutureLab 2019 opened on June 17, 2019.
    • The first deadline for applying was on August 5, 2019. (Please, consider that this is a recommended deadline for candidates who require a visa to travel to Switzerland)
    • Payment deadline for accepted applicants from this cohort is August 26, 2019.
    • The second deadline for applying is September 15, 2019.
    • Payment deadline for accepted applicants from this cohort is September 22, 2019.

    To register: Click here!


    Participation fee for the oikos student members:

    The student participation fee is 90 CHF, to be paid after acceptance of your application. Please,  make the payment only after acceptance of your application!

    The fee includes:
    Accommodation (check-in 31.10.2019/check out 3.11.2019) and food. You are responsible for the cost and arrangement of transportation to and from Geneva, Switzerland.

    Participation fee for non-student members:

    oikos alumni, faculty, young scholars and partners can purchase a daily pass to the event. The pass costs 100 CHF and includes lunches and dinners, coffee-breaks, and a social event. If you plan to attend both days, you can purchase a full pass for 200 CHF, in this case, oikos will additionally provide accommodation to the person.

    Please, make the payment only after acceptance of your application!

    ▪ A refund will be given for cancellations received 20 days before the first day of the conference. The cancellation fee is 20 CHF.
    ▪ No refund will be given for cancellations received later than 19 days before the start of the conference.

    Payment deadline 1st Round: 5 August 2019

    You can make your payment via Bank transfer or PayPal (Credit Card).

    Bank Transfer:
    Kindly find our bank details here.

    * When paying your participants fee via paypal, paypal charges a fee according to the amount of transferred money. This is why you have to pay a bit more so that we finally get the 90 CHF / 100 CHF/200 CHF.


    Participant Fee (in CHF)
    First and Last Name

  • The FAQ section will be updated soon

    General Questions:

    Who can apply for the oikos FutureLab 2019?

    oikos Members: Every oikos member can apply to the FutureLab 2019.
    Alumni, young scholars, faculty, advisors, and partners are welcomed to join us.

    How many members from each chapter get to attend the FutureLab 2019?

    Two would be the ideal number of members from each chapter, but this will depend on how many applications we receive from each chapter.

    Can alumni from my chapter attend the FutureLab 2019?

    Yes, we strongly encourage alumni to attend.

    When can I arrive at and till what date will the accommodation be provided to me?

    As a member, you can check in on the evening of October 31st and check out on the morning of November 3rd.

    If you are a Faculty, a Partner, Alumni or Advisor, the FutureLab opening session starts on November 1st

    If you have any questions, please contact us at to help you with your schedule.

    Am I entitled to any travel reimbursement for attending the FutureLab 2019?

    Unfortunately, there are no travel reimbursements available for FutureLab participants.

    I have been put on the waitlist for the FutureLab. When will I hear from you on the final outcome of my application?

    The information will be confirmed soon. In the meantime, please feel free to contact us in case you have any queries.

    How do I apply for the Impact Fair?

    More information will be available soon

    What is the LEAP Meeting and is it related to FutureLab?

    LEAP Meeting is a separate oikos event that will take place from 25th to 31st October in Switzerland just before the FutureLab. The content and program of these two oikos events are not related.

    oikos members can decide to apply for both of the events or just one of them.

    To learn more about oikos LEAP, visit the page: https://oikos-international.org/programmes/leap/ 

    Who can attend the Legislative Meeting?

    Any oikos member who wants to attend the Meeting is welcome to join. You can extend your stay in Switzerland and attend the Legislative Meeting after the LEAP Meeting 2019 is over (We will provide transportation to Geneva) or arrive before the FutureLab. Your accommodation and dinner will be covered by oikos either as part of LEAP or FutureLab package. NB: even though there is no limitation in terms of how many members of a single chapter will attend the meeting, each chapter has ONLY ONE vote.

    Is it mandatory to attend the oikos Legislative Meeting on 31st October, before the FutureLab?

    No, it is not mandatory and you are free to arrive on the morning of 31st October. However, we encourage our members to attend the Legislative Meeting and highly recommend our chapters to ensure that at least one of their representatives is present at the meeting.

    What if no one from my chapter can attend the Legislative Meeting

    No worries, we will broadcast the meeting live and will record it for our members who cannot attend the Legislative Meeting. If no one from your chapter is present, you can vote online.

    Payment Questions:

    When is the deadline for making the payment for the FutureLab 2019?

    The payment deadline for the FutureLab 2019 is August 12, 2019

    Can I pay via credit card?

    Yes, you would be paying via Paypal. The link from where you can make the payment is given on our website.

    Can I pay via bank transfer?

    Yes, you can make the payment via bank transfer as well. Following are our account details that you’ll need:

    IBAN: CH78 0025 4254 6301 7740 Y

    BIC (Swift): UBSWCHZH80A

    Account Number: 254-630177.40Y

    Clearing Number: 00254

    Beneficiary Name:

    OIKOS International

    Dufourstrasse 50

    9000 St. Gallen

    Beneficiary Bank:

    UBS AG

    Postfach, CH 9001 St Gallen

    Are there any fees?

    Yes, oikos Members  need to make a payment of 90 CHF in order to attend the oikos FutreLab. 90 CHF covers your accommodation and food during the event. You are responsible for travel expenses from your home city to Geneva and back.
    Alumni, young scholars, faculty, advisers, and partners are required to pay 190 CHF. This includes food during the event, but not accommodation

    What is included in the participation fee for the FutureLab 2018?

    oikos Members: 90 CHF covers your accommodation in double room at the Hostel (check-in: 31.10.2019 and check-out: 03.11.2019) and food during the event. You are responsible for travel expenses from your home city to Geneva and back. Unfortunately, we cannot reimburse this expenses. NB: if you plan to attend both LEAP Meeting and FutureLab, your international travel will be covered as it will be considered as a part of the LEAP package. However, you will still need to pay the FutureLab participation fee.

    Alumni, young scholars, faculty, advisers, and partners: 190 CHF covers food during the event, but not accommodation.

    How much is 90 CHF in the currency used in my country?

    Here is a site where you can easily make the conversion – http://www.oanda.com

  • oikos FutureLab 2019

    In 2019, the annual oikos conference took place in Geneva, Switzerland from 31 of October to 2 of November.

    Learn about highlights of the FutureLab 2019 in our report. Download the report here

    Learn more: https://oikos-international.org/futurelab2019/

    oikos FutureLab 2018

    In 2018, the annual oikos conference took place in Geneva, Switzerland from 26 to 27 of October. The FutureLab 2018 brought together over 100 oikos members, partners and supporters to discuss sustainability issues affecting our world and explore opportunities for the integration of sustainability into economics and management curricula.

    Sustainability was at the heart of the FutureLab logistics as well. From serving vegetarian and vegan food to encouraging participants to take trains or buses for travel, we tried to limit our carbon footprint as much as we could. Moreover, with the help of the Swiss climate protection organization -myclimate, which offset our emissions, the FutureLab 2018 became a climate neutral conference.

    Learn about highlights of the FutureLab 2018 in our report. Download the report here

    Learn more: https://oikos-international.org/oikos-futurelab-2018/

    oikos FutureLab 2017

    In 2017, the oikos FutureLab was also the launchpad for the celebration of our 30th anniversary and for kicking off the next decade of oikos initiatives. We took stock of and celebrated our achievements by bringing together the global oikos community from 30 years of impact: our members and alumni, advisors and faculty, partners and supporters. The theme for this year’s event was Shaping Tomorrow Today.

    The FutureLab took place on October 12. Inspiring keynote speakers included Ambassador Michael Gerber (Swiss Special Envoy for Global Sustainable Development), Peter Lacy (Managing Director for Growth, Strategy, and Sustainability, Accenture), and Sophia Tickell (Founder and Director, Meteos). They tackled the topic of how business can and should be a force for good. In addition, oikos FutureLab panelists discussed reforms needed to transform economics and management education and debated the role of oikos in this process. The FutureLab workshops also examined contemporary sustainability challenges that are crucial for the development of the sustainability agenda of the decades to come.

    Learn more: https://oikos-international.org/oikos-futurelab-2017/

    oikos FutureLab 2016

    For the sixth consecutive year, the oikos community is gathered in St. Gallen from November 6 to 9 for the FutureLab 2016. The aim was to pursue the implementation of our mission: integrating more sustainability in economics and management education. Whilst many understand and talk about the struggle of our educational systems to integrate sustainability and teach for its internalisation, we cease to couple the talk with the walk. A gap can be observed both in the struggle to teach for sustainable change agents and for inciting people to walk their talk in implementing projects that can bring about transformation. This is why the international organizing team chose the topic #WalkTheTalk, empowering and inspiring each other and the oikos communities to advance our actions and close educational gaps.

    Present at the conference were inspirational voices from business, NGOs and learning institutions as well as motivated oikos members from around the world. Watch this video for a quick impression or

    learn more: https://oikos-international.org/programmes/futurelab/oikos-futurelab-2016/

    oikos FutureLab 2015

    The 2015 oikos FutureLab took place on 26 – 28 October (Monday – Wednesday) in the Pfalzkeller in St. Gallen. Its main aim was to create action plans to implement sustainable and relevant education systems, by involving representatives from all parties with an interest in management and economics education. It is, specifically, intended to facilitate the design of learning experiences that are more effective at preparing change agents to address the challenges of the 21st century. This signifies the embedding of sustainability and social perspectives in management and economics education and integrating pluralistic teaching methods.

    We are an important step closer to making education matter and could not have done it without more than 120 enthusiastic and driven participants from 20 countries and 4 continents. Now it is time to act in our local chapters. We are looking forward to seeing the next steps, projects and initiatives of the whole oikos community. Check out the Publication of Ideas here.

    More information: https://oikos-international.org/programmes/futurelab/oikos-futurelab-2015/

    oikos FutureLab 2014

    The 2014 oikos FutureLab took place on 10 – 11 November in St. Gallen. Several projects and initiatives were planned during the oikos FutureLab towards “building a bridge for sustainability in economics and management” together with 120 participants from 18 countries.

    For the first time, the oikos FutureLab was organised by a group of seven members from three different chapters worldwide who worked together for eight months. The floor was mainly in the hands of the participants who shaped the gathering. Students, alumni, NGO representatives, faculty members and corporate partners were working together in seven oikos Learning Circles (Economics, Finance, Leadership, Management, Energy, Fashion/Supply Chain and Entrepreneurship) in order to develop projects and initiatives. Speakers included Yuan Yang from Rethinking Economics and Marloes Nichols from Meteos, who spoke about campaigning for sustainability and shared their practical experience, as well as Uwe Lübbermann, founder of Premium Cola, the ecologically friendly and socially just drink producer in Germany who has chosen an organisational structure and strategies at Premium Cola that are in sharp contrast to what we learn in business schools.

    More information: https://oikos-international.org/programmes/futurelab/oikos-futurelab-2014/

    oikos FutureLab 2013

    The 2013 oikos FutureLab took place on 11 – 12 November in St. Gallen. It focused on “Transforming Education” and on opportunities to drive change at faculties for economics and management. As a platform focused on solutions and action, the oikos FutureLab offered insights to co-learn with our members and partners and to identify opportunities to take oikos to the next level as an effective learning organization – in particular:

    • To understand and effectively tap into the learning opportunities already existing in our network.
    • To develop a platform for oikos and universities where we are active as learning organizations that foster sustainability leadership skills among their members and audiences.
    • To explore what a reference model for sustainability education in economics and management actually could look like, so that we can inspire students, scholars and university administrators.

    More information: https://oikos-international.org/programmes/futurelab/oikos-futurelab-2013/

    oikos FutureLab 2012

    On 19th and 20th November, 2012, we will welcome oikos members and partners in St. Gallen for the second oikos FutureLab. The 2012 topic is “Impact: Think – Act – Share”. As a central platform for changemakers, the FutureLab will bring together our chapter members from across four continents; our alumni in business, government, NGOs, and academia; our faculty members from schools for management and economics worldwide, and a broad array of partners supporting our projects.
    The oikos FutureLab will focus on impact and activating our network: What impact do we aim to achieve as individuals? How do we develop a mindset of change? How can we activate our oikos network more effectively to create impact? As a platform focused on solutions and action, the oikos FutureLab will offer insights into sustainability trends to watch, to co-learn with our members and partners and to identify opportunities for strengthening our impact in the future.
    A key feature of the oikos FutureLab will be the Impact Fair, a forum where conference delegates introduce their own projects, and through which they can engage the oikos community to help them further develop their project. Delegates will be invited to present their initiatives by using a theory of change logic during the Project Fair. Background information will be provided prior to the conference.
    The Project Fair will be followed by an Open Space to design and develop concrete projects to pursue with the support of the oikos community.

    More information: www.oikos-international.org/2012-2/

    oikos FutureLab 2011

    The oikos FutureLab 2011 is the first oikos event ever to gather our global family of student members, alumni, advisors, faculty and partners. As we approach our 25th anniversary in 2012, we are launching this new platform to provide not only a meeting point to share perspectives on the future, but also a “laboratory” to design initiatives and engage the oikos community in pursuing them. With oikos chapters across four continents, alumni in business, government, NGOs, and academia, faculty members at leading schools for management and economics worldwide, and a broad array of partners supporting our projects, we believe it is time to bring all of us together and accelerate the sustainability momentum.

    As a platform focused on solutions and action, the oikos FutureLab will offer insights into sustainability trends to watch in the long-term, key developments to monitor during the next 12 months, and opportunities for change moving forward. It will take a close look at how the oikos community can strengthen selected projects that are already on their way and provide a launching pad for new initiatives that emerge in the discussions. And it will nurture an ongoing exchange within the oikos community to set agendas, define priorities and join forces to increase impact.

    Participation is by invitation only. The event will take place in St. Gallen, Switzerland – where it all started in 1987.

Applications are now closed! We will open applications for the FutureLab 2020 in the late Spring of 2020.


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