Addressing sustainability and inequality at a global level : how other worlds (may) emerge

Increased global interconnectivity has encouraged a prevalence of forums that seek to organise and facilitate action on sustainability and inequality on a global scale. A body of work has examined such global forums and the theoretical contexts in which they operate but there is little which examines the nature of engagement through these forums to address issues of sustainability and inequality. This thesis explores social actors’ participation in two global forums, the World Economic Forum (WEF) and the World Social Forum (WSF), with the aim of creating more sustainable and equal worlds. It has been structured around four overarching research questions as follows. RQ1. What are the perceived relationships between dominant and dominated social actors in global sustainability... »

oikos Newsletter March 2017

09 March 2017 | Newsletters

Warmer days have come with March already here! While you book your tickets for the Spring Meeting in Hamburg to #UseYourPower, don’t forget to check out how to compensate your CO2 emissions. Read more about it in our Podio Intranet, where you can now also look out for a carpool or a couch to sleep. Thanks to the dozens of active contributors in our Intranet, good news now spread faster: Did you know, you can now plant a tree with every couple of web searches with Ecosia? Assignment writing just became a force for good! If you can’t make it to Hamburg, look out for other possibilities to stay in touch, like the Webinar on “Leading for More... »

The Transition to Renewable Energy: Don’t Expect a Revolution

07 March 2017 | Articles, News

The second oikos alumni debate online took place on February 22nd and as with the first, it was a true oikos product: made by alumni for alumni. The evening was guided by the title: “Renewing Global Energy: Revolution or Evolution?”. Three panelists shared their insights with interested alumni and replied openly to their questions: Nils Bennemann, Ralph Ripken and Aanal Patwari. The debate was moderated by Benedikt Lemke. Solar, wind, thermal, biomass: Renewable energy (RE) has spread widely. Whether humongous wind farms are built off the European coasts or solar panels powering single households are installed on Kenya’s rooftops: many factors have pushed and pulled renewable technologies into the spotlight. But how far have we come? And what... »

Together We Can: Kolkata Hosted oikos Asia Meet 2017

07 March 2017 | News

From 18 to 20 February oikos Asia Meet 2017 took place in Kolkata, India. The event gathered participants from all over Asia and united them under the theme Together We Can. oikos Asia Meet 2017 facilitated networking of the oikos regional chapters and served as a platform for sharing best practices and lessons learned in sustainability from developed nations for developing nations and vice-versa. oikos Asia Meet 2017 combined thought-provoking debates with invigorating activities to generate novel ideas and proposals in the field of sustainable development. A panel discussion – East or West: Best practices in Sustainability was moderated by Prof. Runa Sarkar, IIM Calcutta. Panelists included Mr. Rustam Sengapta (social enterprise #Boond), Mr. Anurag Danda (WWF), Prof.... »

Green bonds: How the “green” makes a difference?

22 February 2017 | Articles, News

By Stefano Ramelli Green bonds are considered a potential channel to overcome the financing barriers for climate mitigation, adaptation and other environment-friendly projects. The issuance of green bonds has been experiencing a rapid growth over the last few years. The green bonds market was created in the period 2007-2008 by multilateral development banks (the European Investment Bank and the World Bank, in particular) and has started to expand since 2013 with the entrance of private sector issuers. Examples of corporate green bonds include the USD 1.75 billion note issued by Toyota in March 2014 and the USD 1.5 billion note issued by Apple in February 2016. Cities and local government bodies are also important actors of this market.... »

Call for Applications: oikos Young Scholars Finance Academy 2017

16 February 2017 | Featured

oikos and the Department of Banking and Finance at the University of Zurich will convene the 7th oikos Young Scholars Finance Academy from September 4-6, 2017, in Zurich, Switzerland.  The deadline for applications is May 1, 2017. You find further information here.... »

Social Responsibility in a Context of Globalization of the Markets: Comparative Study of Public Policies Articulation in the Pharmaceutical Industry of Brazil and Spain

Capitalist society faces one of its greatest challenges in the beginning of the millennium: How can sustainable social, economic and environmental development be reconciled with capitalist drivers of efficiency and generation of profits? With increasing international integration and pressure from financial markets, typical of the current neoliberal power model, it calls into question the extent to which corporations can make elections truly free in order to build a more responsible world. Furthermore, it is worth questioning whether it is possible to demand or even expect that states and governmental institutions participate and intervene more in society with increasing budgetary constraints and loss of autonomy. Based on these concerns about the role of corporations and about the validity of... »

oikos Newsletter February 2017

13 February 2017 | Newsletters

February is a busy month indeed! In the northern hemisphere, the world begins to defrost and glides slowly into warmer times, adding a bit of sunshine to our lives. And the oikos community always knows how to make hay while the sun shines! We kick off February with the oikos Asia Meet in Kolkata and subsequently visit the oikos Winter School in Witten. March is going to be about taking sustainable decisions, with the Spring Meeting and Legislative Meeting taking place in Hamburg. If you wish to broaden your network, don’t forget to have a look at the alumni portrait of Varun Sarda from oikos London, who is now with RBS. Meet our newest EB Member, Prudhvi Gadiraju,... »

oikos Alumni Meet Across Europe

07 February 2017 | News

“Berlin is a ‘hotspot’ for everyone interested in sustainability – be it related to academia or work.”, says Axel Bozier, who is organizing the second meeting of Berlin-based oikos alumni in April. No wonder that there are plenty of oikees from all generations in the German capital. Axel is alumnus of the oikos Chapter in Reims and has teamed up with Sophie Reinbold, who continues her studies in Berlin after having been a member of oikos Tübingen in Germany’s academic south. They want to use the opportunity in Berlin to strengthen the oikos network. The first meeting of 2017 took place in January (pictured). “It’s especially interesting to see that alumni from eight different oikos Chapters came together”,... »

oikos Alumnus Varun Sarda: “oikos developed my interest in sustainable finance”

06 February 2017 | News

“At the Winter School, I experienced the spirit of oikos” I first came across oikos while studying at university. A friend of mine who was active in oikos London told me about the organisation, and a couple of weeks later, I joined the oikos London team at the London School of Economics. I really enjoyed this experience and, a couple of months later, I subsequently participated in the oikos Winter School at the University of St. Gallen. There I experienced the spirit of oikos and was impressed by the outreach of the organisation and what it was trying to achieve at leading schools around the world. With this in mind, I subsequently joined the oikos International Executive Board... »