30 seconds with the oikos Executive Board 2019

12 December 2018 | News

Dear oikos community, What a turbulent month since we came together to celebrate the FutureLab in Geneva and became part of the new oikos international board. When thinking back, we still can feel the ambition and excitement in the room and we are really grateful for your trust and great commitment. But who are actually the persons behind the superficial presentations you listened to? Well, there’s CLEMENTINE, the mother of the household who’s burning the midnight oil; ALEXIS, the master of time, creating her own time zone while being omnipresent in all oikos communication channels; JAKOB who best knows how to keep the balance between cutting the corners and the costs while hitting the roads of France with his bike;... »

LEAP Webinar: becoming radical, ethical and authentic Transpersonal Leader

11 December 2018 | News

“It is our choices, Harry, that show us what we truly are, far more than our abilities” – and thus Professor Dumbledore gave Harry his first Transpersonal Leadership advice. Indeed, our choices shape us and the world we live in, but how do we reach decisions? What do we consider and what should we consider in order to make the right choices? And how should we lead in order to render the right decision-making possible? These are some of the questions tackled in our webinar on Transpersonal Leadership. John Knights, our invited speaker, an international thought leader, and coach explained: “Transpersonal Leaders operate beyond their ego, continuing personal development and learning. They are radical, ethical and authentic while... »

Francophone Meeting: Discussing sustainability and innovation in agriculture

09 December 2018 | News

On the weekend of 16th to 18th November, French-speaking members and alumni from oikos Lausanne, St Gallen, Reims, Brussels, Leipzig and Moscow gathered in Lausanne for the third edition of the Francophone meeting, to discuss sustainability and innovations in agriculture and the food supply chain. Aurélien G. Démaurex, CEO of Ecorobotix, presented the challenges of modern-day weeding. His company makes small robots that target weeds locally using complex algorithms. They reduce the number of used chemicals by 90%, and avoid soil compacting, unlike big agricultural machines. The founders of New Roots explained how they use traditional cheese-making processes but with plant-based resources in order to make cheese without animal sources. They use cashews as the main ingredient and... »

Alumni Get Together: Reminiscing about the oikos experience

04 December 2018 | News

oikos is a dynamic place that welcomes students from all walks of life. As a student’s university life inevitably comes to an end, so should their time as active oikos member. But for many of our former members, the bond they create with the organization and fellow oikees is too strong to be merely forgotten. oikos Alumni take part in our international activities as participants and speakers. Often, they get together in the informal setting to discuss their favorite topic of sustainability and reminisce about their time at oikos. Recently, oikos alumni met in Brussels on December 3rd, in Zurich on November 23th, in Vienna on November 20th and in Basel on November 11th. If you are one of... »

LEAP Meeting 2018: sharing experiences for a better world

28 November 2018 | News

From 19th to 23rd of October 2018, oikos members, alumni and partners came together in a beautiful village of Leysin, in Vaudois Alps, where they immersed in the development journey made up of lots of energetic discussions, poignant and heartfelt exchanges, impact-driven workshops, and brilliantly funny and invigorating energizers. The LEAP Meeting is a kick-off point for a larger, 9 month-long development program that engulfs participants, and urges them to reflect on their experiences in order to grow and become responsible leaders at a forefront of sustainable development. To render this ambitious task possible, LEAP created a complex web of activities directed at personal, professional and societal development, moreover it put participants in charge of defining the character... »

oikos Spring Meeting 2019

21 November 2018 | Featured

The oikos Spring Meeting 2019 will take place in Belgrade, Serbia from 15 to 18 March 2019. Hosted by oikos Belgrade, the event will focus on Sustainable Urbanism. Apply now!... »

oikos Guide to Pluralist Economics

19 November 2018 | Featured

In brief, pluralist economics is the idea that the best way to understand the economy is to study a large number of competing theories. To learn more about the topic, check out the oikos Guide to Pluralist Economics created by our associate J.Christopher Proctor.... »

oikos Newsletter November 2018

14 November 2018 | Newsletters

Welcome to the November edition of our newsletter! The preceding month was full of amazing experiences for the oikos community who came together in Switzerland. The annual oikos FutureLab facilitated a vibrant exchange of ideas of building lasting change both in the classroom and in the broader world. The LEAP Meeting 2018 focused on empowering young decision-makers whose duty will be to shape a sustainable future for the generations to come. oikos also held a Legislative Assembly on 25 October that elected new oikos International Board 2019. Seven enthusiastic oikees joined President-elect Clémentine Robert and will shape oikos development in the coming year. Our members also remained active in their local chapters. oikos Graz hosted an event on... »

30 seconds with the FutureLab Team

12 November 2018 | News

You saw them rocking the mic on stage at the Impact Hub, they helped you get that third room key at the hostel, and they’ve been dancing in and out of your email inbox throughout the year, but how much do you really know about this year’s FutureLab team? The FutureLab doesn’t organize itself, and this year the event was put on by an awesome group of oikees, staff, alumni and Executive Board members. So, going left to right on the photo here’s the team: Nurlan and Abdul, the Baku boys! Nurlan was part of last year’s EB, was the main contact point for all the speakers for the second day, and also moderated the plenary session on... »

FutureLab 2018: Exploring Opportunities for Building Lasting Change

01 November 2018 | News

Building Lasting Change – no other theme could capture more perfectly the essence and character of the FutureLab 2018. It was challenging, thought-provoking, inspiring, but above all, it was an impact-driven event. This year, the annual oikos conference took place in Geneva, Switzerland from 26 to 27 of October. The FutureLab 2018 brought together over 100 oikos members, partners and supporters to discuss sustainability issues affecting our world and explore opportunities for the integration of sustainability into economics and management curricula. Sustainability was at the heart of the FutureLab logistics as well. From serving vegetarian and vegan food to encouraging participants to take trains or buses for travel, we tried to limit our carbon footprint as much as we... »