oikos Annual Report 2017

19 March 2018 | Featured

oikos Annual Report 2017 describes oikos programs and summarizes the preceding year in our community. Read the report here... »

oikos Newsletter March 2018

17 March 2018 | Newsletters

It’s Spring fever at oikos! We had a very fruitful month, that lifted our spirits and inspired many of us to lead change towards sustainability. We also have some news to break: Clémentine Robert, oikos Reims’ alumna, former oikos EB and current oikos Outreach Manager, was elected as oikos President 2019&2020 with the majority of votes during the Spring Meeting 2018. She will officially take office in October 2018. In addition, we have published the oikos Annual Report 2017, where you can find all the information about the preceding year in our community: our programs, chapters, and the team. In this edition of our newsletter, read about the oikos Spring Meeting and oikos LEAP President Track Meeting, that... »

oikos Spring Meeting: Where Many Decisions were made and Sustainable Tourism and Mobility discussed Thoroughly

15 March 2018 | News

120 oikos members and alumni packed their bags and booked their flights to Barcelona, Spain to participate in the oikos Spring Meeting 2018 from March 8 to 11. The Spring Meeting is our annual event hosted by different chapter every year. This year oikos Barcelona volunteered to welcome oikees to their  mesmerizing city. The Spring Meeting was comprised of a conference and workshops on Sustainable Tourism and Mobility, as well as of the oikos Legislative Meeting.  Conference and Workshops on Sustainable Tourism and Mobility Sustainable Tourism and Mobility was the topic of the Spring Meeting this year.  Dr. Oksana Udovyk, UNWTO representative spoke about the importance of Sustainable Tourism in relation with the Sustainable Development Goals, while Ricard... »

Bottoms Up, Tops Down: oikos Winter School Participants discussed Sustainable Development Cooperation

15 March 2018 | News

oikos Witten/Herdecke hosted oikos Winter School in Witten, Germany from March 1 to 7, 2018. The Winter School titled “Bottoms Up, Tops Down” revolved around Sustainable Development Cooperation and explored main challenges and drawbacks in the field. A group of 20 avid individuals was selected to participate in the Winter School. The participants from all walks of life and from as different parts of the world as Italy, China, Austria, Japan, Belgium, Germany, Azerbaijan, the Netherlands, and El Salvador sat together to discuss the topic with each other, as well as with leading experts and field professionals. The organizers created the atmosphere where everyone felt welcome and willing to share their own ideas and thoughts. “The open-minded and very... »

LEAP President Track Meeting Participants reflected on oikos Experience, Projects and Future Plans

14 March 2018 | News

oikos chapter presidents and chapter leaders, as well as the oikos International Executive Board (EB) members and management team came together in Barcelona, Spain from March 7 to 8, 2018 in order to share their expertise and experience, reflect on current projects and discuss future plans.  The oikos EB presented the oikos strategy 2018-2020, while the presidents and chapter leaders shared their perspectives and analysed their own chapters’ role in achieving the strategy. They emphasized the importance of cooperation between students  from different cultures and development of change agents for curriculum change. oikos Trustee, Mark Wade moderated a session on oikos Aspirations. The participants shared why they joined oikos and how they contribute to the organization with their... »

Empowering our Roots: oikos Jamshedpur hosted Asia Meet 2018

11 March 2018 | News

“Empowering our Roots” was a leading theme of the oikos Asia Meet 2018 in Jamshedpur, India. The Meet aimed to foster sustainable mindset among future leaders and thus discussed the importance of sustainable development and the integration of sustainability in academia and businesses with students, entrepreneurs, NGOs, and academics. From February 9 to 11, 2018 oikos Jamshedpur brought together over 100 students from the local chapter, oikos Kolkata, as well as from XLRI – Xavier School Of Management, NIT-Jamshedpur, Jamshedpur Women’s College and Karim City College. Invited speakers shared perspectives and spoke about their own experience with sustainability: Mr. Gopinanth Menon from UNICEF India talked about the UNICEF’s vision of sustainability and emphasized the role of youth in developing... »

Knowledge Exchange Expedition: oikos Outreach Manager visited oikos Chapters in India

11 March 2018 | News

As part of the Knowledge Exchange Expedition, oikos Outreach Manager, Clémentine Robert, visited local oikos chapters and attended conferences on Sustainable Development in India.  She traveled to Jamshedpur, Kolkata and New Delhi to strengthen oikos alumni network in these cities, to better connect the local oikos community to the international one, to understand challenges and needs of the local chapters and learn more about the Indian perspective on sustainability. Learn more about her visit in this report – Knowledge Exchange Expedition (February, 2018). About Knowledge Exchange Expedition: With the support of the “Expeditions” program of the Mercator Foundation Switzerland, oikos Outreach Manager Clementine Robert has moved to India in 2017 to deepen our engagement with our alumni on... »

oikos Annual Report 2017

06 March 2018 | Annual Reports, News

Download the report here... »

oikos LEAP Advanced Participants reflected on their Values

28 February 2018 | News

oikos LEAP Advanced Participants reflected on their Values oikos LEAP Advanced participants came together to reflect on their values. On February 15, Kimberly Hunn from Edgewalker Group facilitated oikos LEAP webinar titled “Value Matters”.  She emphasized that values give people a common language and make it easier to negotiate and collaborate. “Values help us understand people’s motivation for doing something in a particular format” – Kimberly explained. To help the participants identify core values in their life they were asked to complete an exercise. The exercise divided values into three groups: Foundation, Self-fulfillment and Greater Good. The participants tried to determine values that they perceive to be essential for their well-being, those that help build their identity and... »

Former oikos Presidents shared their Perspectives on oikos Experience

14 February 2018 | News

As the deadline for applications to become the next oikos President is looming closer each day, the former oikos Presidents, Kate Negacz, Lenka Parkánová and Anita Negri, shared thoughts on their time  at oikos. They described what being the oikos President entails and discussed how this experienced shaped their career. Kate Negacz, oikos President 2009 One of the most exciting parts of oikos presidency is meeting great people. They have inspiring ideas on new startups in India or Switzerland, want to help a local community in Austria and Kenya or just see some issues out of the box. You learn that sustainability comes in different shapes and sizes and there is no one solution fits all. You work with an... »