Newsletter: October 2020

21 October 2020 | Newsletters

Welcome to the October edition of our newsletter! This month as we’re preparing for NexGenLead – our biggest project for the year, we’re excited to share with you some amazing reading content! We’re happy to be given the chance to contribute to a Financial Times article covering changes currently happening in higher education. Get to know more about oikos and get a better understanding of our definition of sustainability which also defines what we do in the latest oikos publication. In this edition we also kick off the new Alumni Impact segment where oikos Alumni share their inspiring stories. Along with that,  we’re happy share the news from our partners network with a Positive Impact Rating announcement, along... »

Defining Sustainability: oikos’ understanding of sustainability & sustainable development

14 October 2020

What does sustainability mean? Why and how do we act and inspire towards sustainability as an organization?How do we make sure that the change we make is sustainable? This publication outlines some answers that manifest our standpoint from a scientific perspective. It focuses on our theory of change and an understanding of sustainability that is rooted in a systemic perspective. 8 principles are at the core of this action-oriented definition, which allows us to sustainably move ahead with all we do and how we work. Authors: Sophie Charrois, Luisa Puetz, J. Christopher Proctor, Jyoti Hooda, Nicolás Águila Click here to read the full publication.... »

Newsletter: September 2020

25 September 2020 | Newsletters

Welcome to the September edition of our newsletter! This month we take a look at the successful oikos International events over summer like oikos In Residence and St. Gallen Unconference. We also plan for the semester ahead, welcoming new Working Groups members,not to forget that the applications for the positions of vice presidents is open, and will be voted upon in November, to get our new board joining by the end of the year. To top it off – we share with you some exciting upcoming events from the oikos community and our partners. An important date is coming up soon as we announce NexGenLead – the upcoming program organized in collaboration with Swissnex Brazil.... »

Newsletter: August 2020

20 August 2020 | Newsletters

Welcome to the August edition of our newsletter! We are headed towards a busy period for the oikos Community at the end of the month with the Winter School(turned Summer) and the St. Gallen Unconference coming up. Along with another oikos-swissnex webinar and a Curriculum Action Call, it makes for a great warm up for the upcoming semester in which we’ll see a Central-European Region Meeting and NexGenLead take place. There are new position openings for those eager to join the oikos International team or work on a major international project. Finally – a new global online program we’re a part of took off in August – find out how you can participate and learn from it.... »

oikos Students Transforming Economics and Management Education

17 August 2020

Economics and management education has become a subject of increasing scrutiny in light of pressing environmental, economic, and social challenges. Some authors detail infamous and unethical corporate scandals as well as the 2008 global financial crisis to emphasize shortcomings in economics and management education, and the negative role business leaders might play in contributing towards global climate change and financial as well as social calamities (Colander et al 2009, Giacalone and Wargo 2009, Waddock and Lozano 2013, Swanson, 2004). Similarly, the discipline of economics has received ample criticism for relying on tools and theories that are poorly suited to deal with the mounting problems of the 21st century (Hodgson et al 1992, Keen 2002, Fullbrook 2004, Krugman 2009).... »