oikos International serves in a panel of expert judges for the Financial Times

26 October 2019 | Articles, News

oikos International served in a panel of expert judges for the Financial Times’ crowdsourcing experiment. The newspaper set to identify the best practice examples of ethics, social purpose and sustainability in business schools and universities worldwide. They asked higher education institutions to share their initiatives and activities that were launched with an aim to create a greater social impact. The experts’ panel, including oikos International, represented by oikos President Clementine Robert, and Curriculum Research Manager, J.Christopher Proctor, compiled a list of the most impactful initiatives that could inspire academics, students, university management and many more. Read the full article and glance through the list of the projects here: https://www.ft.com/content/b6bcfa02-ef37-11e9-ad1e-4367d8281195... »

Publication of 2017 oikos Case Writing Competition finalists – 7 new free cases available

03 July 2017 | Articles

We just published the finalist cases of this year’s oikos Case Writing Competition! Whether you are a lecturer teaching courses in management, entrepreneurship or finance, or a student wanting to explore current sustainability challenges in your studies – these cases will provide fresh input to your classroom experience! Out of 13 finalists, 6 cases are now available for free as part of our oikos Free Case Collection. Inspection copies of 7 cases are available for download and can be purchased at the Case Centre very soon. Please find the links to all cases below. Free cases and inspection copies of last years’ winners are available here. Winners of the 2017 Competition Corporate Sustainability Track Free Case! 1st Prize The... »

The Transition to Renewable Energy: Don’t Expect a Revolution

07 March 2017 | Articles, News

The second oikos alumni debate online took place on February 22nd and as with the first, it was a true oikos product: made by alumni for alumni. The evening was guided by the title: “Renewing Global Energy: Revolution or Evolution?”. Three panelists shared their insights with interested alumni and replied openly to their questions: Nils Bennemann, Ralph Ripken and Aanal Patwari. The debate was moderated by Benedikt Lemke. Solar, wind, thermal, biomass: Renewable energy (RE) has spread widely. Whether humongous wind farms are built off the European coasts or solar panels powering single households are installed on Kenya’s rooftops: many factors have pushed and pulled renewable technologies into the spotlight. But how far have we come? And what... »

Green bonds: How the “green” makes a difference?

22 February 2017 | Articles, News

By Stefano Ramelli Green bonds are considered a potential channel to overcome the financing barriers for climate mitigation, adaptation and other environment-friendly projects. The issuance of green bonds has been experiencing a rapid growth over the last few years. The green bonds market was created in the period 2007-2008 by multilateral development banks (the European Investment Bank and the World Bank, in particular) and has started to expand since 2013 with the entrance of private sector issuers. Examples of corporate green bonds include the USD 1.75 billion note issued by Toyota in March 2014 and the USD 1.5 billion note issued by Apple in February 2016. Cities and local government bodies are also important actors of this market.... »

Dreaming up the university of the future at the oikos FutureLab 2013

22 November 2013 | Articles

Katrin Muff, Dean of Business School Lausanne, shared her experience of trigging the creative process of the oikos FutureLab’s participants to dream up the university of the future and to inquire what role oikos might want to play in there. Read more... »