oikos newsletter November 2014

18 November 2014 | Newsletters

It is that time of the year when you want to pull up your socks, sip on some hot chocolate and wait for the FutureLab to unfold in all its glory. November is the month of diping temperatures and gathering of oikos members from across the world to converge at the FutureLab 2014 followed by the oikos Conference. The international management team is ready to welcome you in St. Gallen! Furthermore, this month two new chapters have been welcomed into our network. Read more about them in this edition. Grab your favourite reading spot, get warm and cosy as you settle down to read what the November newsletter has to offer. Read more... »

oikos Newsletter October 2014

09 October 2014 | Newsletters

Indeed, the greatest annual event in the oikos calendar is just a month or so away. oikos members  from across the world will converge at the FutureLab 2014 followed by the oikos Conference.  If you have joined one of the Learning Circles, you now have the opportunity to put forth your innovative ideas and make yourself heard among some of the brightest visionaries. Do not miss the chance to meet the great crowd of oikos members, alumni and partners! In the meantime, our President elect Anita Negri has arrived in St. Gallen and is learning oikos trade secrets from Lenka. Moreover, Lenka has just returned from the Copernicus Alliance Conference in Prague where she spoke about student potential and concrete actions students can take to transform economics and management education towards sustainability. In... »

oikos Newsletter September 2014

06 October 2014 | Newsletters

Summer ends and autumn comes: the bright green fades away being replaced by yellow, orange and red.  The nature changes, becomes more colorful and so does oikos.  Firstly, oikos Koblenz, a new Chapter in Germany has been opened. Secondly, Lena Hörnlein, a new PhD Fellow, has joined the oikos team. Thirdly, Jordi Vives Gabriel, oikos PhD Fellow, has become a visiting PhD scholar at Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania. oikos Spring Meeting 2015 goes to London whereas Anita Negri, a new President of oikos International 2015 & 2016 is coming soon to the oikos office in St. Gallen, Switzerland, to start her handover. What has not changed however, is the anticipation of the greatest annual event in oikos calendar. You may still register for the FutureLab 2014 followed by the oikos Conference and join... »

oikos Newsletter August 2014

13 August 2014 | Newsletters

We are in the middle of summer! July has passed and August has come, yet oikos is already looking forward to September and absorbed with autumn, the most colorful season in the oikos calendar. If you like to share the beautiful feeling of anticipation and prepare yourself for the remarkable events to come, register now for the FutureLab 2014 and join one of the Learning Circles that will design future oikos initiatives. If you would like to stay and enjoy St. Gallen a bit more, the oikos Conference on sustainability suppy chain is the right place to be. You might also consider applying to become the Executive Board member 2015: think how you would like to make a difference and make the change... »

oikos Newsletter July 2014

15 July 2014 | Newsletters

It’s finally summertime! Make use of the sunshine and recharge your batteries with renewable energy for a new semester with oikos. While enjoying the summer break however, please do not forget to make a difference wherever the fate throws you. The oikos July newsletter will be a perfect read for you to stay informed and plan your holidays in a challenging way. You may try to evaluate your own responsibility in global setting or simply take a sail down the Neckar river just like the participants of the oikos Germany Meeting did in Tübingen, Germany. If it is not demanding enough, feel free to enjoy the mountain sceneries of Georgian Stepantsiminda during the oikos Summer School on Social... »