oikos Newsletter June 2014

16 June 2014 | Newsletters

Summer has officially set in! However, in the midst of all the rewinding and relaxation, oikees around the world have been at it as hard as even to promote their mission and vision of sustainable development. Probably the best way in which this can be encapsulated is by going through a summary of what happened during the recently concluded oikos Asia Meet in Pune, India. If you find it inspirational and would like to cement your association with the upcoming oikos FutureLab, do apply to either lead or become a part of one of the Learning Circles at the conference. Additionally, you can take it a step forward and also apply to host the next oikos Spring Meet... »

oikos Newsletter May 2014

10 May 2014 | Newsletters

As the spring semester comes to a close, oikees around the world are still pushing the boundaries of sustainability at their schools. FutureLab, oikos Summer School, and the oikos PhD fellowship have all just recently released calls for application. Apply today to become the change you want to see in the world of sustainability! If you are reading about the upcoming meets in India and Germany and want your chapter to become more internationally involved, why not apply to host next year’s Spring Meeting? Don’t forget to look at the new sustainability case book edited by oikos’ own PhD fellow, Jordi Vives Gabriel. Finally, get inspired by Franzi Straten, the driving force behind Spring Meeting 2014. Best of luck... »

oikos Newsletter April 2014

10 April 2014 | Newsletters

We are happy to be writing you from Copenhagen, Denmark, site of the successful 2014 Spring Meeting! At the Legislative Meeting held this past Saturday, the oikos community elected Anita Negri as the next oikos International President 2015/2016 and Ankit Agarwal, Hubert Pyliński, Clémentine Robert for the international Executive Board. Read more below about the Presidents’ Meeting and the Spring Meeting, and learn about the upcoming regional meetings in both Germany and India. If you are an oikos Alum, make sure to register for the next alumni debate in Zurich. Finally, read about the outgoing Executive Board member, Arush Chandna in 30 seconds. Have a productive and sunny spring season! Read more... »

oikos Newsletter March 2014

12 March 2014 | Newsletters

As March ushers in spring, oikos is happy to bring new prospects for student and alum alike. We are excited to welcome oikos ANU from Kenya, and spend 30 seconds with Rose Karimi, oikos ANU Advisor. The Spring Meeting in Copenhagen and the oikos Asia Meeting in Pune are approaching, and remember to apply by March 20 to join the Executive Board or work as oikos International President. For alumni, there are two upcoming events in March (Lausanne) and May (Zurich). This month, Student Reporter launched its Editor Fellowship Program and has three exciting opportunities for students in environmental reporting and collaborative mobility. Do not forget to connect on social media with the oikos Facebook, oikos Linkedin, and oikosTwitter! Read more... »

oikos Newsletter February 2014

11 February 2014 | Newsletters

February may seem like a time of hibernation but not for oikos!  First, do not forget to apply to the Model WTO by February 16: this is a great opportunity to learn from WTO experts and participate in a weeklong simulation. For those looking for leadership development and to make a large impact on the organization, oikos is looking for a new president and new executive board members to be elected at the Spring Meeting in Copenhagen. In a step forward, oikos Pune has created an innovative sustainability incubator and hopes to turn student ideas into ecofriendly businesses. Finally, Shailee Pradhan shares her experience as an oikos PhD fellow in 30 seconds! Read more... »