oikos Newsletter December 2013

10 December 2013 | Newsletters

Slushing through snow, we have finally made our way to the end of the year. And while the days are short, cold, and mostly gray, there is much to look forward to in our December calendar. After the successful conclusion of the FutureLab, we are preparing for our next big gathering – the 2014 Spring Meeting in Copenhagen. There is still time to apply for the Winter School in Germany. Also, learn about our brand new oikos Finance Initiative and spend 30 seconds getting to know Mark Wade. Read more... »

oikos Newsletter November 2013

06 November 2013 | Newsletters

With anticipation building around our biggest gathering of the year, the oikos FutureLab, November is perhaps the most exciting time for us. But there is more to November than the FutureLab! If you are a budding writer, filmmaker, event manager, or a social media expert, Student Reporter has just the opportunity for you: building a media campaign newsroom on the “Future of Urban Mobilty in Switzerland”. Also, do not miss the deadlines for submitting cases to the Case Writing Competition (9 December) or applying to be a Student Reporter at the World Economic Forum (22 November). Read more... »

oikos Newsletter October 2013

04 October 2013 | Newsletters

“I’m so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers.”  L.M. Montgomery’s words aptly capture how we feel about October as well. This is a month of reflections and anticipations as we take stock of our endeavors and prepare ourselves for upcoming events. 40 PhD and post-doctoral students as well as 9 faculty have participated in our three young scholars academies on development, economics and entrepreneurship. Our alumni met in Zurich and Warsaw. And the oikos Case Writing Competition was expanded with the addition of a new “Sustainable Finance” track. In the next few months, we bring to you many more opportunities to engage with oikos. Come join us at the FutureLab, the Alumni Debates, and the celebration of... »

oikos Newsletter September 2013

09 September 2013 | Newsletters

One more cone of ice-cream, one more dip in the lake, one more picnic in the mountain – soaking up the last bit of summer sun, we are gearing up for our fall initiatives. While we concluded the oikos Young Scholars Entrepreneurship Academy a few days ago, two more Academies are just around the corner. Also, coming up are the registration deadlines for the oikos FutureLab and oikos Winter School. In this issue, learn more about oikos Pune’s ingenious project, “i-GREEN”, join the international oikos Fashion team or spend 30 seconds with Juraj Melichár alumnus from oikos Bratislava. Read more... »

oikos Newsletter August 2013

08 August 2013 | Newsletters

We are kicking-off August in style with the launch of our new and improved website, registration for the upcoming oikos FutureLab & oikos Winter School and Call for Cases for our Case Writing Competition (together with Ashoka). oikos Young Scholars Entrepreneurship Academy is just around the corner together with a panel discussion for our alumni. If this is not enough intellectual stimulation, then join our Student Reporters or simply follow our coverage on topics ranging from philosophy in the board room to Robin Hood of modern investment banking. And finally, spend 30 seconds with Thomas Dyllick, who wears multiple “sustainability” hats at the University of St. Gallen. Read more... »