oikos Newsletter June 2012

04 June 2012 | Newsletters

Rio+20 is just around the corner and oikos will be there. Follow our Student Reporters and/or apply until 10 June to join them for the World Resources Forum in October in Beijing. Speaking of deadlines, make sure to apply until 30 June to host the Spring Meeting 2013 and until 1 July to participate at this year’s Winter School! Moreover in this issue: oikos Graz celebrates its 10th anniversary and learn more about the revival of oikos Konstanz and its president Leila Kazmili! We also announce the winners of the 2012 oikos Global Case Writing Competition as well as the release of the latest oikos Case Quarterly. Enjoy! Read more... »

oikos Newsletter May 2012

04 May 2012 | Newsletters

The oikos electorate has left no doubt: the (brief) era of male dominance is over and a female President will succeed Dawid Wroblewski! Also in this issue, find out about this year’s very successful oikos Model WTO, whose organiser Fred Bärtl we dedicate this month’s 30 seconds with... Moreover, we shall not refrain from providing you with some background information on our newest chapters, spanning three continents and oikos St. Gallen’s recent TV performance. oikos Graz is celebrating its 10 years anniversary this month, oikos Tubingen has started an interesting lecture series and Happiness and New Business Models are the themes of two upcoming Academic events to be held in Switzerland this month.  Read more... »

oikos Newsletter April 2012

04 April 2012 | Newsletters

This issue awaits you with a wrap-up of the oikos Spring Meeting in Barcelona, three outstanding candiates for the next oikos presidency, our latest UK chapter in Newcastle and 30 seconds with Tilmann Liebert, laureate of this year’s oikos Sustainability Thesis Award. The Academic section reminds you of three upcoming Academy application deadlines and introduces two new cases in our online case collection. Enjoy! Read more... »

oikos Newsletter March 2012

04 March 2012 | Newsletters

Spring time is around the corner and loads of excitement is on the oikos menu yet again! The oikos Spring Meeting will not only bring a whole bunch of us together around plenty of fun activities, it will also decide on the next oikos president – who could very well be yourself. Read on to find out how to apply – and rest assured that this is not the only outstanding opportunity we have for you this month! In the Academic section, we present the hot-off-the-press Call for Papers for the 2nd oikos international Economics Academy this August. We also introduce the latest issue of the oikos Case Quarterly and provide you with a  few free cases from our oikos online case... »

oikos Newsletter February 2012

04 February 2012 | Newsletters

With an amazing oikos Asia meeting very fresh in memory, the greater oikos community is already turning its eyes towards the next big happening: the oikos Spring Meeting 2012 in Barcelona! Moreover, we offer an outstanding opportunity for 10 selected students at the University of Pennsylvania toparticipate in a Student Reporter coaching Session at the World Water Forum 2012 in Marseille, France. On the Academic front, the first of our Young Scholars Academies has kicked off today and four more are to follow over the course of the year, gathering world-class faculty and young scholars. Finally, we are very pleased to introduce our latest fellow in “30 seconds with…” Jordi Vives Gabriel!  Read more... »