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Defining Sustainability: oikos’ understanding of sustainability & sustainable development

14 October 2020

What does sustainability mean? Why and how do we act and inspire towards sustainability as an organization?How do we make sure that the change we make is sustainable? This publication outlines some answers that manifest our standpoint from a scientific perspective. It focuses on our theory of change and an understanding of sustainability that is rooted in a systemic perspective. 8 principles are at the core of this action-oriented definition, which allows us to sustainably move ahead with all we do and how we work. Authors: Sophie Charrois, Luisa Puetz, J. Christopher Proctor, Jyoti Hooda, Nicolás Águila Click here to read the full publication.... »

oikos Students Transforming Economics and Management Education

17 August 2020

Economics and management education has become a subject of increasing scrutiny in light of pressing environmental, economic, and social challenges. Some authors detail infamous and unethical corporate scandals as well as the 2008 global financial crisis to emphasize shortcomings in economics and management education, and the negative role business leaders might play in contributing towards global climate change and financial as well as social calamities (Colander et al 2009, Giacalone and Wargo 2009, Waddock and Lozano 2013, Swanson, 2004). Similarly, the discipline of economics has received ample criticism for relying on tools and theories that are poorly suited to deal with the mounting problems of the 21st century (Hodgson et al 1992, Keen 2002, Fullbrook 2004, Krugman 2009).... »

oikos International serves in a panel of expert judges for the Financial Times

26 October 2019 | Articles, News

oikos International served in a panel of expert judges for the Financial Times’ crowdsourcing experiment. The newspaper set to identify the best practice examples of ethics, social purpose and sustainability in business schools and universities worldwide. They asked higher education institutions to share their initiatives and activities that were launched with an aim to create a greater social impact. The experts’ panel, including oikos International, represented by oikos President Clementine Robert, and Curriculum Research Manager, J.Christopher Proctor, compiled a list of the most impactful initiatives that could inspire academics, students, university management and many more. Read the full article and glance through the list of the projects here: https://www.ft.com/content/b6bcfa02-ef37-11e9-ad1e-4367d8281195... »

oikos is featured in the Encyclopedia of Sustainability in Higher Education

26 October 2019 | Books

oikos has contributed a chapter to the Encyclopedia of Sustainability in Higher Education published by Springer, one of the largest and most influential publishing companies. The chapter details the history and growth of oikos and looks back at our 30-year journey in a bigger context of students’ decades-long efforts to challenge the status quo and bring sustainability perspective to economics and management departments at universities and business schools across the globe. . Authors: Robinson Rocio, Patsatsia Mariam, Negacz Katarzyna, Proctor J.Christopher DOI: https://doi.org/10.1007/978-3-319-63951-2  First online: June 4, 2019. The Encyclopedia of Sustainability in Higher Education provides a comprehensive overview of discourses, initiatives, and practices related to sustainability to inspire and support universities worldwide implement sustainable development in the higher education... »

“Mapping Pluralist Research” report published

12 March 2019 | News | Economics, Education

oikos International is excited to announce the publication of a new report on pluralist economics. This report, titled “Mapping Pluralist Research” provides an overview of the research which has come out of the student movement for pluralism in economics. Student organizations working to reform economics education have been very active recently, and this short document tries to put all our hard work in one place. Mapping Pluralist Research was written by J.Christopher Proctor, the former oikos Associate in Pluralist Economics. If you’re still not sure what all this pluralism stuff is about, check out our oikos Guide to Pluralist Economics here. You can download Mapping Pluralist Research here.... »