oikos Newsletter August 2018

09 August 2018 | Newsletters

Welcome to our newsletter! Amid the summer heatwaves, let us tell you what oikos community has been up to embed sustainability into our education and practices. In this August edition of our newsletter, learn about upcoming LEAP information call and read about Edutopia Summer Academy powered by oikos Vienna 2018. In the alumni segment of the newsletter we introduce Moritz Schwarz, oikos London alumnus who reminisced his time at oikos and told us about his career in sustainability . In the “30 seconds with…” segment meet Katrine Tirsgaard Mortensen from oikos Copenhagen, who reflected on her oikos experience and on the importance of knowledge exchange between people from different parts of the world. Do not forget to register for... »

oikos Newsletter July 2018

11 July 2018 | Newsletters

Welcome to our newsletter! We hope for many of you the university exam fever is over and you are ready to leave offices for a well-deserved vacation. Meanwhile, let us provide some updates on the oikos community. In the July edition of our newsletter, you can read about a program of the upcoming oikos FutureLab 2018. This year, the FutureLab will take place in Geneva, Switzerland from 26 to 27 October.  You can also learn about the LEAP Meeting 2018, that will welcome over 60 participants in Leysin, Switzerland from 19 to 25 October. We also share with you our perspectives on cross cultural management and an insightful oikos Guide to Pluralist Economics. In the “30 seconds with…”... »

oikos and Cross Cultural Management: Embracing differences and enjoying similarities

10 July 2018 | News

The world has shrunk immensely over the last few decades. As the access to mobility grows and connecting becomes easier, our offices are being filled with lively conversations held in the multitude of different languages, and our lunch breaks are lightened up with anecdotes encountered during business trips to the remote places of the world. But beyond this euphoria, we face a number of underlying challenges: experiencing new cultures might be intimidating, our skills of dealing with diverse groups fragile and our understanding of different cultures may be biased. Addressing these challenges becomes ever more important for organizations such as oikos, that gathers over 1200 members from 50 cities and 24 countries. The concept of Cross Cultural Management... »

oikos Newsletter June 2018

11 June 2018 | Newsletters

Welcome to our newsletter! We are delighted to announce that applications for the oikos FutureLab 2018, as well as for the oikos leadership program – LEAP are now open. We encourage our members and alumni to apply until September 9th, 2018. We are also proud to reveal the winners of the 2018 oikos Case writing competition and would like to invite you to review inspection copies of our winning and runner-up cases here. In the June edition of our newsletter, you can read about our webinars on Cross Cultural Management and on Creating Behavior that Lasts. We also share with you oikos Guide to Pluralist Economics and insights from the Knowledge Exchange Expedition. In the alumni part of... »

Candy Crush? Aligning Health, Business and Pleasure in the Chocolate Industry

07 June 2018 | Cases | Marketing

Abstract: After winning important battles against soda, governments and health activists are targeting chocolate bars because of their high sugar content, and some, like the UK government in 2017, have set strict targets on the amount of sugar and calories that can be contained in each chocolate bar. In addition to stricter regulation, large incumbent chocolate makers like Nestlé, Mars, Hershey, Cadbury, and Ferrero must manage evolving consumer tastes as well as new competition from healthier bars and snacks. How they respond can significantly impact public health and business performance, as well as the everyday experience of eating treats. Can health, business, and pleasure ever align in the chocolate industry?... »

oikos hosted a Webinar on Cross-Cultural Management

07 June 2018 | News

oikos members and alumni came together on June 6 to attend our webinar on Cross Cultural Management. The aim of the webinar was to reflect on the role of culture in the day-to-day interactions and enable participants to share their own diverse cultural experiences. The webinar was led by Saurav Kumar Das, former oikos Jamshedpur President and current Alumni Ambassador in India, who introduced different theories of cross-cultural communication to the participants. In the break-out sessions, the participants were able to discuss applications of these theories to the real environment considering their personal experiences. Furthermore, the webinar included a game of kahoot to energize the participants before the presentation and discussions, as well as a reflection session to... »

Knowledge Exchange Expedition: Exploring field of social innovation in India

07 June 2018 | News

oikos Outreach Manager, Clémentine Robert, continues her Knowledge Exchange Expedition in India. In May, Clémentine met with the leading players in the field of social innovation in Bangalore, India. Read how these players contribute to sustainability and what are their inspiring thinking process approaches in her latest report. Knowledge Exchange Expedition: Indian players in social innovation... »

Why does the sustainability experience of an emerging country matter: Swiss student perspective

06 June 2018 | News

More and more people in the world started to acknowledge the importance of knowledge exchange across different countries and regions in order to create a path leading towards a greener, more responsible and sustainable future. Young researchers and scholars play a vital role in this process as they can seize the momentum and focus more on the experiences of the emerging states in sustainability. Clémentine Robert, oikos Outreach Manager, sat with Loïc Krähenbühl, Project Manager at swissnex India, to discuss his thesis on the peculiarities of CSR in India. “Sustainability challenges are widely spread around the world: emerging countries are no exception and certainly present distinctive characteristics from developed nations.  As for the topic of CSR, they do... »

Can Barry Callebaut Attract Sustainable Investment with its ‘Forever Chocolate’ Strategy?

05 June 2018 | Cases | Finance

Abstract Barry Callebaut, a Zurich-based chocolate and cocoa manufacturer founded by Klaus Johann Jacobs in 1996, was the world’s leading manufacturer of high-quality chocolate and cocoa products. It was one of the first companies to realize that it had to do something about the poor conditions on cocoa farms. In its ‘Forever Chocolate’ plan for 2025, Callebaut committed to scale up its own as well as the industry initiatives to raise industry standards through its four bold targets in the chocolate supply chain. In 2017, the Swiss chocolate giant entered into an innovative revolving credit facility agreement with a syndicate of 13 banks with ING as the sustainability coordinator. As part of this, interest rate was linked to... »


05 June 2018 | Cases | Finance

Abstract In early 2016, the largest state-owned Oil Company in the world, Saudi Arabia-based Saudi Aramco (Aramco), declared a proposal to float an IPO. The crown prince of Saudi Arabia, Prince Salman, had stunned the world when he declared in early 2016 that Aramco’s worth would be around $2 trillion. Aramco was not only an oil company but a budget to run the nation as 85% of Saudi Arabia’s budget came from the tax which Aramco had to pay. The intent to monetize the state jewel came at a time when the economy of the Kingdom was under pressure. A widening fiscal deficit and depleting foreign reserves indicated that it was no longer viable to depend on oil... »