oikos Case Quarterly: Water | Issue 4, Autumn 2011

05 October 2011 | Case Quarterly, Cases

Issue 4 (Autumn 2011) is focused on the topic of Water. Access to safe drinking water is critical to well-being and human development. Still, an estimated 3 billion people lack access to clean water. Bottled water, although a convenience, creates issues on its own – large amounts of plastic waste. In this issue of oikos Case Quarterly we are showcasing six teaching cases related to the topic of water: Michael Gordon (University of Michigan) – So You Want to Be a Social Entrepreneur: Starting Out, Scaling Up and Staying Committed Debapratim Purkayastha (IBS Hyderabad) – Trevor Field and the PlayPumps of Africa and WaterHealth International: Providing Safe Drinking Water to the Bottom of the Pyramid Consumers Kevin McKague (Schulich School of Business) – City Water Tanzania... »

oikos Newsletter October 2011

04 October 2011 | Newsletters

The new semester starts with plenty oikos excitement! We are welcoming our newest oikos Chapter at the University of St. Andrews as well as our new Managing Director Eissa Khoury, whom we introduce below in 30 seconds with…. Moreover we are introducing a new section on oikos Podcasts in this newsletter, for you to be able to keep track of our latest contribution to our online community. And as usual, find out how to get involved in  oikos  student,academic and alumni projects in September. Happy reading! Check the oikos FutureLab programme and register online! Could your student Curricula Change project take you to Rio? Join oikos Tbilisi’s  cross chapter photo competition!  Submit a case to the Case Writing Competition by 28 Oct. Check out our latest podcasts! Read more... »

oikos Case Quarterly: Sustainable Mobility | Summer 2011

05 September 2011 | Case Quarterly, Cases

Issue 3 (Summer 2011) is focused on the topic of Sustainable Mobility. In this issue we learn from Dror Etzion and Jeroen Struben (McGill University, Canada), who won the 1st prize in the social entrepreneurship track of the 2011 oikos Case Writing Competition, about their experience in teaching the Better Place case. This case has a Creative Commons license and is free to use in a classroom. Download a free online copy. If you are interested in getting access to a teaching note for this case, send us an email to freecase@oikosinternational.org. Issue 3 also features an interview with Michael Russo (University of Oregon, USA) on teaching sustainability with cases. In addition, you can listen to this interview as a podcast.... »

oikos Newsletter September 2011

04 September 2011 | Newsletters

As the leaves start to fall, the summer season of oikos Academies is almost over and we are getting in gear for the Autumn semester. Find out how to get involved in  oikos  student, academic and alumni projects in September! Check the oikos FutureLab programme and register online! Spread the word to apply for oikos PhD fellowship Follow World Resources Forum on Student Reporters blog Submit a case to the Case Writing Competition 2012! Read the new edition of oikos Case Quarterly Read more... »

Aim For Excellence

03 September 2011

No matter if you are a government representative and you need help in your line of work with something that is Georgia-related, or you are an individual searching for extra details on the economic development of the region during a certain time frame, the BBRED team of professionals is more than happy to oblige. We can cater to your every need down to the smallest aspect. If you are looking forward to discovering some focus groups, working in the face to face field, or doing some mail surveys, or if you would like to develop a fine business plan or perform some important background analysis, we are here to help. And to show you just how versatile our... »

oikos Newsletter August 2011

04 August 2011 | Newsletters

We are proud to announce the oikos FutureLab 2011, the first oikos event to gather our global family of student members, alumni, advisors, faculty, and partners. We are launching this new platform to provide not only a meeting point to share perspectives on the future, but also a “laboratory” to design initiatives and engage the oikos community in pursuing them. Find out more,or read on to find out how to get involved in other oikos  student, academicand alumni projects in August. Student entrepreneurs apply for oikos Winter School 2011! Become one of the next two oikos PhD Fellows Listen to the latest editions of our podcast series Read more... »

Annual Report 2011

22 July 2011 | Annual Reports

... »

oikos Newsletter July 2011

04 July 2011 | Newsletters

We would  like to begin this issue with a big congratulations! to all of you who are finishing university this year. Your student life may have ended, but don’t fret, you can keep in touch with oikos. Just register on our website to join our oikos alumni network and you won’t miss anything. For everyone else, read on to know all about how people like yourself make a difference as students,academics or as alumni,  and how to get involved Apply for oikos/PRME Student Award for Curricula Change Become one of the next two oikos PhD Fellows Check out our new podcast with Michael V. Russo Read about oikos in the latest CEMS Magazine Save the date for the oikos FutureLab: 14/15 Nov 2011 Read more... »

Corporate Social Engagement: How Aramex Crosses Boundaries

30 June 2011 | Cases | Supply Chain

Case Abstract In line with its integrative sustainability program, the global logistics company Aramex decided to use its core competencies for a humanitarian relief campaign in Gaza in 2008/9 and deliver donated items to people in need. In view of the situation’s urgency, Aramex had to quickly develop a suitable strategy for how to communicate the need for donations across the wider public, select collection points, clear the goods, pack them in Aramex’s warehouses, and, finally, for how to send them to Gaza. It soon became clear that they needed partners not only to bring the goods across the borders but also to have the latest information with regard to regulations. Thus, representatives of the Jordan Hashemite Charity... »

Ndlovu: The clock ticks

30 June 2011 | Cases | Entrepreneurship

Case Abstract This case discusses the situation at Ndlovu Care Group (NCG) in July 2008. The group, founded by Dutch social entrepreneur Dr Hugo Tempelman, has been running a very successful health care facility – Ndlovu Medical Center (NMC) – in the township of Elandsdoorn in rural South Africa. The case discusses NCG’s plans to expand that success to other locations in the country. At the time of the case, Dr Tempelman had just received a major grant from the Dutch embassy in South Africa to fund his expansion plans. This provides a perfect opportunity to discuss questions about how to replicate an intricate organization that has taken some 15 years to build, and whether that is even... »