B-Line Sustainable Urban Delivery: Can Last-Mile Bicycle Delivery Survive The E-Commerce Minefield?

07 November 2019 | Cases

As the population of cities in the western United States continues to boom, the demand for retail and wholesale food has followed suit. To deal with the accompanying increase in traffic and congestion from population and business growth, the city of Portland planned to increase bikeways and reduce the use of single-occupant vehicles to less than 30% of total commuters by 2026. Despite efforts to decrease dependence on vehicles, traffic congestion in Portland continued to increase, and traditional vehicle delivery in the urban area became less and less efficient. As ride-sharing services and online retailers increased their presence in the food delivery business, these activities contributed even more to congestion. Consequently, there was a pressing need for alternative... »

Authenticitys: who said unicorns are legendary?

07 November 2019 | Cases

The case focuses on Authenticitys, an online platform that curates and co-designs social impact experiences for people to travel, share, and learn together in unforgettable settings in the world’s cities. Authenticitys’ ambition is to showcase the unique cultural heritage intrinsic of destinations in a responsible way that adds value to the community and travellers alike making tourism a true force for good. The case traces the history of Authenticitys, a start-up that caught sight of a business opportunity in a current issue: over-tourism. From the choice to become a certified B Corp, to the implementation of the Social Impact Report, the case both explores the values and mission of the company, and focuses on the practices at the... »

Sistema Biobolsa: Addressing Challenges of Climate Change, Sustainable Agriculture and Waste Management in Mexico

07 November 2019 | Cases

The case chronicles the innovation in Bio-digester technology in Mexico led by Alex Eaton and Camilo Pages through a social enterprise ‘Sistema Biobolsa’. It describes how the two social entrepreneurs created an innovative waste and resource management system by re-imagining 150-year old biogas production. The innovation brought together high-quality membrane, durable modular parts, and anaerobic bio-digesters that transformed animal waste into renewable energy (bio-gas) and organic fertilizer. Sistems Biobolsa addressed several challenges that small and marginal farmers in Mexico and across the world faced – low yielding land due to excess use of chemical fertilizers, lack of organic fertilizers, unviable waste disposal methods and limited access to energy. Sistema Biobolsa converted organic waste into organic fertilizer and renewable... »

oikos International serves in a panel of expert judges for the Financial Times

26 October 2019 | Articles, News

oikos International served in a panel of expert judges for the Financial Times’ crowdsourcing experiment. The newspaper set to identify the best practice examples of ethics, social purpose and sustainability in business schools and universities worldwide. They asked higher education institutions to share their initiatives and activities that were launched with an aim to create a greater social impact. The experts’ panel, including oikos International, represented by oikos President Clementine Robert, and Curriculum Research Manager, J.Christopher Proctor, compiled a list of the most impactful initiatives that could inspire academics, students, university management and many more. Read the full article and glance through the list of the projects here: https://www.ft.com/content/b6bcfa02-ef37-11e9-ad1e-4367d8281195... »

oikos is featured in the Encyclopedia of Sustainability in Higher Education

26 October 2019 | Books

oikos has contributed a chapter to the Encyclopedia of Sustainability in Higher Education published by Springer, one of the largest and most influential publishing companies. The chapter details the history and growth of oikos and looks back at our 30-year journey in a bigger context of students’ decades-long efforts to challenge the status quo and bring sustainability perspective to economics and management departments at universities and business schools across the globe. . Authors: Robinson Rocio, Patsatsia Mariam, Negacz Katarzyna, Proctor J.Christopher DOI: https://doi.org/10.1007/978-3-319-63951-2  First online: June 4, 2019. The Encyclopedia of Sustainability in Higher Education provides a comprehensive overview of discourses, initiatives, and practices related to sustainability to inspire and support universities worldwide implement sustainable development in the higher education... »