The Ambrose Hotel: Eco-Labeling Strategies for Sustainable Lodging

Case Abstract The case traces the story of the Ambrose Hotel, a hotel based in California whose owner has invested in green practices and is interested in pursuing an eco-labeling strategy in order to better communicate her environmental achievements. This case emphasises the difference between the adoption of environmental management practices and their communication through eco-labels. It highlights the challenges associated with the use of eco-labels as an environmental differentiation strategy when several emerging eco-labels are in competition. The students are asked to evaluate the costs and benefits associated with adopting an emerging eco-label such as the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design accreditation for Existing Buildings (LEED EB) label. The case examines whether there are any advantages... »

Exiting in a State of Grace: Can Death be Sustainable?

30 June 2008 | Cases | Conservation, Growth

Case Abstract By August 2007, Deborah Cairns and Fran Reilly had been in business just a year and their alternative, family-directed funeral business had already won a regional sustainable business award. Based in Auckland, New Zealand, State of Grace offered clients socially and environmentally friendly alternatives including involving families where possible in keeping the deceased at home without embalming, and the use of natural products including eco-caskets. Deborah and Fran appreciated there were plenty of challenges in providing more socially responsible, natural alternatives to traditional funerals and current modes of burial and cremation. Now their fledgling business is gaining momentum, the two women were trying to find the balance between how much and how fast to grow the... »

Scojo Foundation: A vision for Growth at the Base of the Pyramid

Case abstract   Scojo Foundation uses a market-based approach to sell affordable reading glasses to the poor. While it had been another successful year for Scojo, Jordan Kassalow, Chairman and Co-Founder of Scojo Foundation, knew that the next 12 months would be critical in fulfilling the vision of the organisation he and Scott Berrie had founded five years before. There were a number of decisions he and his team would have to make before the board meeting the following month. What distribution channel or combination of distribution channels would allow them to scale their business and societal impact most effectively? Should the emphasis of their mission be placed on increasing access to reading glasses or on developing entrepreneurs?... »

Procter and Gamble’s PuR Water Purifier: The hunt for a Sustainable Business Model

30 June 2008 | Cases | Development, Resources

Case abstract Over the last 6 years, under the leadership of Dr. Greg Allgood, director of the Children’s Safe Drinking Water Program, P&G has helped to distribute 65 million PuR packets. These packets have been used to purify 650 million litres of water, most often in rural locations. Over time, and through a variety of deliberate partnerships that Allgood cultivated in 10 countries, P&G has tested three different sales and distribution models: commercial marketing, social marketing and disaster relief – each with varying degrees of success. Drawing from past successes and failures, Allgood is considering how to fulfill P&G’s aggressive commitment to providing 135 million litres of safe drinking water in Africa and how to achieve long term... »

Living Homes

30 June 2008 | Cases | Entrepreneurship

Case abstract Steve Glenn, a successful internet start-up entrepreneur, returned to his love of architecture and commitment to sustainability by creating a company that would provide signature, green, prefabricated homes to the “cultural creative” market. The case outlines the state of both the housing industry and the green building industry in 2007. Students will learn about the environmental impacts of buildings, the certification programs to build green buildings, and the critical elements of creating a sound business that capitalises on the green building industry.... »