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Design Thinking - Workshop II

Design Thinking – Workshop II

In continuation with our focus on developing our mindset for design thinking, we had the second workshop on DESIGN THINKING. The same was organized at SIBM, Pune, on a weekend in April 2015. It was conducted by Mr. Avinash Purandare, Aniket Kulkarni and Manish Sethi, from Kirloskar Sytech Ltd.

Challenge taken:
We picked up 2 common challenges at SIBM:

1. Improving the attendance of the students was the challenge for which the students had to come up with an innovative solution.

2. How to re-activate Incubation center to covert the ideas to business case.

Glimpses of Day 1 & 2 respectively:

IMG-20150730-WA0002 IMG-20150730-WA0003

Apart from finding the solution for the problem taken for the workshop, we had small feedback session/lessons learnt from the students. The following is its summary:

  • As Design Thinking is human-centric, we need to focus on people / customers and their needs and not on a specific technology or other conditions. The methods used were observations, interviews, brainstorming, prototyping, will help them in addressing the day to day issues as well.
  • Design thinking being an iterative learning process, during any time of the projects, the team was ready to re - define the problem, need finding, ideation, building of prototypes, run a test with the user.
  • Prototyping; which is an important technique was used by the team, helped them to understand the complex challenges at a very early stage.

The students thoroughly enjoyed the 2 day workshop. The 2 solutions were accepted and All they wished for is the next round of workshop. Looking forward to next level of problem sets/Challenges.

Design Thinkers along with the speakers:

DT - 2 Group 2