Morning Alarm!!!

Easy & Effective Solution!


A strange problem faced by Faurecia!! An easy effective solution by oikos Pune!!



Two years back Faurecia a Swedish company built its car manufacturing plant in Pune. They were facing a strange problem – The locals from the nearby slums used to attend nature’s call outside the company premises and gates. Making the scene an unpleasant one. Every day it was a pain for the employees to pass by from there. It had become a menace for them. It was causing health and sanitary concerns.




Oikos Pune:

With the help of the corporate relations oikos Pune got a chance to understand and solve the problem. We got to the place, witnessed the scene & then thought over the solution. We came up with many ideas but it had some strings attached.


At last, oikos Pune came up with a very easy but effective solution that changed the scene.  The solution was to plant Tulsi shrubs (Holy basil). The Holy basil is worshiped by every Hindu & this stopped the people creating the menace and helped restoring the healthy environment. Along with it, we placed pictures of a local leader around the premises.


This was an end to the challenge Faurecia faced for 2 long years..