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Consulting projects

ATGLeisureGroup is a four-person start-up specialized in electronic mobility in the Swiss market.
ATGLeisureGroup has currently four electronic products (e-tuktuk, e-scooter, e-bike, e-kickboard) in the portfolio and acts mainly as an exclusive importer and distributor. With a variety of services before and after the purchase they generate additional customer value.


oikos consulting advises ATGLeisureGroup on goal-oriented analysis regarding e-bikes and e-scooters. Based on the analysis, oikos consulting evaluates in cooperation with the client a promising positioning on the Swiss market and an appropriate branding strategy for launching these products successfully. From these strategic directions we can destrive concrete operational measures in the field of marketing.

BoxTango is a start-up offering container traffic in Europe and specializes in a new technology for transshipping containers between road and rail. The market launch strategy is price leadership with high quality and vast flexibility. BoxTango can not only offer cheaper prices through the revolutionary transshipment technology but also saves a lot of CO2 and is therefore a sustainable business partner. The vision to save one mil. tons of CO2 within 10 years can be reached through a modal shift of freight transport from road to rail.

oikos consulting helps BoxTango with a customer research project in Germany and analyses potential future clients. In cooperation with BoxTango oikos consulting aims to find future sales leads.
Captain Plant is a three-person start-up created in fall 2012. Jens Hermes and his team offer a great variety of vegetarian fast food, with the main focus on burgers, as well as wraps, salads and cakes. Consisting mainly of seasonal and regional ingredients, their products are – unlike usual fast food – healthy and highly satiable. At the moment, the prodcuts are sold at a market in Basel two times a month. Besides that, they distribute their vegetarian food through catering events.


oikos consulting advises Captain Plant within the market entry process by creating a customer and competitor analysis for the areas „restaurant“ and „catering“ and provides assistance in the evaluation of the corporate identity and the respective brand name. Furthermore, oikos consulting develops a checklist with all the relevant steps to consider before the opening of their first restaurant.

Cinderella is a fashion boutique chain in eastern Switzerland, which opened a new store with a unique store concept. The concept includes both sustainable high end fashion and artwork of regional artists. The aim is to connect sustainability and lifestyle in order to support non-profit organizations financially.


oikos consulting advises Cinderella within the pre-opening phase of the aforementioned new chain store. The strategic scope of the project is based on a partner evaluation (suitable non-profit organizations) as well as a market- and customer analysis. Building upon this basis, a detailed marketing- and branding strategy will be developed. Together with our client this strategy will then be implemented.
Helvetia is a successful insurance group present all over Europe and is active in life, non-life and reinsurance segments. It has 5,200 employees and provides services to more than 2.7 million customers. Helvetia has branch offices in Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Spain, Italy and France. The Group is headquartered in St.Gallen.

Additionally Helvetia is committed in many ways to the environment and society.


oikos consulting advises Helvetia first during conception for the measurement of the Carbon footprint of the Helvetia Group. Based on the results of the carbon footprint rating and the resulting emission sources oikos consulting will develop a climate strategy and a course of action to increase the energy efficiency of the Helvetia group.

Honestly is a start-up from Germany, currently expanding to Switzerland. The company is offering a free mobile App to give users the opportunity to evaluate various customers, e.g. in the restaurant or the banking sector. Honestly therefore helps to create sustainability as it gives its customers the opportunity to react to the specific concerns of the users via an innovative feedback function enabling them to guarantee a high-level service.


oikos consulting advises Honestly within the market entry process creating a detailed market analysis. Additionally, the conversion process of converting potential customers into actual customers is evaluated and optimized.

Ich bin da“ is a project of the mother and artist Veronika Kisling and her daughter Helena who is suffering from tuberous sclerosis since her birth. Together, they want to develop a range of products and involve people with intellectual disabilities into the product development process. The first products of the line are shopping bags which will be sold through retail shops. Their launch constitutes also the start of the cooperation with oikos consulting.

oikos consulting supports Veronika and Helena to realise their business idea. The support involves the help with the project organization targeting a business plan. Furthermore, oikos consulting provides “Ich bin da” with market and customer analysis, looks for suitable production and distribution partners and analyses the revenue potential and expected costs. Concluding, the oc-team prepares a sales presentation to assist Veronika in the acquisition of suitable distributors and customers.
oikos St. Gallen is a student initiative founded in 1987 and focuses on sustainable development in economy, society and environment. In order to make people aware of the principle of sustainability, they inform themselves about the actual challenges, discuss innovative and future oriented solutions, as well as scrutinizing their knowledge in action-oriented ventures. Their aim is to sensitize the future decision makers about issues in economy and society. As examples of the eleven different projects, the oikos Conference or the Model WTO with participants from all over the world are being organized. oikos St. Gallen today is the biggest student organization at the University of St. Gallen when the over 100 active members are considered as size indicator (total member base over 200). Their fast growth in the last year asks for a due reconsideration of the current organizational structure.


Our team from oikos consulting helps oikos St. Gallen with the anticipated reorganization as well as we scrutinize their processes to make them more efficient and lean. In preparation for this task, oikos consulting analyses the current structure of oikos St. Gallen to find potential starting points for an effective optimization.

sbz-marketing is a consulting firm that supports therapists and young entrepreneurs to realize their business idea. The advisory service is focused on the field of online marketing and is offered through workshops and seminars. The practice-oriented consulting approach offers customers the advantage that they remain independent and autonomous, while saving a lot of time and money. sbz-marketing increasingly wants to promote sustainable start-ups with its know-how.


oikos consulting supports sbz-marketing in a market analysis and development of a marketing plan for a specific advisory service, which aims at start-ups and also specifically at companies which pursue environmental and / or social goals with their activities.

oikos consulting supports the sia Energy Group in the set-up of their new website. sia Energy is a producer of an innovative (and soon patented) energy storage, which allows households to store the electricity of their own solar system and consume it even during the night. Thereby households can get independent of the electricity providers and the rising prices for electricity. In the course of the project oc analyses the competitors and their websites within the market and establishes a new online marketing concept and a restructuring of the website in cooperation with the customer.


oikos consulting helps Sia Energy with a detailed product and market analysis of storing electricity. Based on the analysis, the product branding for storing energy as well as the online marketing strategy for storing electricity is developed by oikos consulting. Furthermore, the oc-team generates the framework of the homepage and several texts, headers and slogans.
Swiss Photovoltaik is a dynamic start-up in the renewable energy sector. Willy Langenegger and his team are experts in the field of photovoltaic systems and offer a wide array of services - from consulting to installing turnkey projects.


oikos consulting supports Swiss Photovoltaik in crafting a marketing strategy, performing customer segmentation, and evaulating prospective marketing channels for one of their products.