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Science has long known the benefits of apple – An apple a day, keeps the doctor away! Apple is rich in nutrients and antioxidants. Its pulp & peel both of great health benefit. But the usual practice is that, the juice is taken of the pulp & the peel is discarded. These peels can be used as natural health supplement.




Apples are either consumed raw, fresh juice or processed form. The fruit juice sellers make use of the Pulp ONLY for juice produce & discard the peel. It sees the dustbin – A complete waste of the healthy fruit peel.


At oikos Pune, we decided to address this problem and worked together to find a sustainable solution.  We collected 16 apples of 4 different varieties from a Vendor. Peeled them and kept the peels for shade drying for a defined period. When the moisture content dropped down to 3-4% in the peels, we dipped these pieces in the known solvent, to check for its constituents. We were gladly surprised to find n-Octacosanol present in the dried peels as well. (n-Octacosanol boosts production of glucose instantly). To confirm the magnitude of presence of n-Octacosanol, we used an estimation methodology - Thin Layer Chromatography & High Performance Liquid Chromatography.


Going further, we powdered the dried peels to fine powder;  with the help of a pulveriser supplier based in Mumbai.  This powder was then tried on the group of sportsmen. Evidently, consumption of this powder increased glucose level and this was confirmed with tests.


We are now working on the business plan and going further, will be applying for funds. On receipt of funds, the project will be transformed into a startup, and we are hopeful the startup will provide employment to the rural women. 🙂

If anyone is interested to join us, please do write to us on .


Let food be your Medicine!!!