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Career day!

The career days on sustainable development took place for the first time in March 2014.

The goal was to make sure that the sustainable companies and NGOs were represented within the school and could offer internships, « apprentissage » and jobs as well as other companies.

It was a real need for many students often lost when they have to find so

mething concerning this career path. In order to help them, a conference was organized (see the section A conference on sustainable career) with different partners as well as three stands all day long (see Stands dedicated to sustainable offers and career information).

It was a succes and students asked oikos Reims to do more about it all year long.

As a matter of fact, this year oikos Reims will try to make the career days on sustainable development longer (2 days instead of 1) and biger (more advice, offers and stands).

To help all the students who need it and when they need it, oikos Reims offers its help all year long through the information posted on this website (see Jobs & internships opportunities) and thanks to  the person responsible for mentionned in the contact and more section.