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Open Positions

Unfortunately, oikos Rotterdam is currently not recruiting board members. However, if you are interested in joining there is still a lot you can offer! Consider becoming a passive member.

Recruitment for new board members will most likely start in the academic year of 2017-2018. Please contact us on our Facebook page if you are interested. 


The board contains the following positions:


As President of oikos Rotterdam you are responsible for overseeing the organisation of events and affairs for the entire year. You are the main representative of oikos Rotterdam at local and International oikos events and lead the oikos Rotterdam board.

Vice President
As Vice President you are responsible for supporting the President and the other Board members in their tasks. You will fill in for the President when needed and will provide support to the other Board members. You will also be in charge of organizing the General Meeting at the end of the academic year, where the regular oikos Rotterdam members vote on the next executive board.

Public Relations Manager
As Public Relations Manager you are responsible for maintaining ties with other study and student associations, other oikos chapters, and oikos Alumni. You will also keep track of potential events that are relevant for oikos Rotterdam. Besides maintaining an oikos alumni network, you are also encharged with fostering company relationships to be used for future speaker events, in­house­days, internship opportunities, etc.

Events Manager
As an Events Manager you are responsible for suggesting and organizing general events (included, but not limited to, Eureka Week, speaker events, and documentary screenings). You will work closely with the Public Relations Manager in creating events for oikos Rotterdam.

Marketing Manager
As a Marketing Manager you are responsible for promoting oikos Rotterdam events, maintaining and updating all social media channels, as well as the website. You are also responsible for promoting oikos Rotterdam events to the Erasmus University student body.