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Open Positions

We are always looking for committed members who wants to take their engagement one step further. Please have a look at the list below for opportunities to get involved. If you have a suggestion for a new project, please let us know, we would love to hear from you!



We are currently seeking a Secretary/Marketing Manager!

The secretary or Marketing Manager is responsible for communicating with the public. This means updating the website and the Facebook account and exploring possibilities of other social media platforms (Instagram, Twitter) as well as writing and sending emails to the contacts on the mailing list. As the chapter is growing and now is a full oikos chapter, the Marketing Manager will also develop and implement a marketing plan to enhance the presence of oikos in St Andrews. The Secretary is also responsible for creating or finding someone to create posters/cover photos/profile pictures for events.

To apply for this position please  with your details, year of study and relevant qualifications.

Additionally, all positions will be available to run for at the next AGM in Spring 2015!


Projects Board

  • The Projects Board consists of all the heads of the current oikos St Andrews projects.
  • We are always looking for dedicated people who want to initiate their own project or takeover an existing oikos project. 


oikos St Andrews Textbook Market

  • We are looking for a person to take over the role as head of the Textbook Market. Our inventory is currently counting more than 900 textbooks and we are arranging a bi-annual textbook market where students can buy their recommended textbooks.
  • Read more about it on our Textbook Market page

For further information about the positions please