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Sustainable finance

15 September 2017 | Chapter-News

The oikos sustainable finance team in collaboration with Swisscanto Invest has been working hard on rating Swiss banks according to sustainable criteria. They have recently published their results and Vontobel comes at the top of the list. Check out the report of Swisscanto Invest to learn more about their work... »


12 July 2017 | Chapter-News

OUR OIKOS BOTTLES ARE FINALLY HERE!!! We are very happy to see our projects of the oikos glass bottles finally come to life. The oikos glass bottles are produced by a company called myequa. The team of young and motivated minds produce water bottles to support water consumption around the world. They also value sustainability and therefore donate 10% of their net profit to NGO’s that work on human or environmental projects. https://www.myequa.ch/. The oikos bottles are going to be made of glass, which is definitely important for us because not only does it promote water consumption but it also avoids waste, especially of non-reusable plastic bottles. The bottles come in two different colors, white and black. They will cost 20.-... »

Cradle to Cradle® (C2C): Raising the Standards of Corporate Sustainability

12 July 2017 | Article, Chapter-News

Elise Amez-Droz | elise.amezdroz(at)duke.edu MA Candidate (2018) Duke University – BA (2017) University of St.Gallen What is Cradle to Cradle? Cradle to Cradle (C2C) was born from the ambition of Michael Braungart, a German chemist, and William McDonough, an American architect, to solve the problem of waste and achieve true sustainability through design. When they first met in 1991, they realized that they shared a common belief in the potential of corporate growth objectives to be a force for good toward the environment. Their goal was to design industrial activities for abundance, and doing so by eliminating the concept of waste. They wrote their first book, Cradle to Cradle: Remaking the Way We Make Things, in 2002 and... »


27 February 2017 | Chapter-News

A list of events this spring... »


17 February 2017 | Chapter-News

MAKE OUR CONSUMPTION GREEN AGAIN In the Spring semester of 2017, our team of the EcoMap St. Gallen wants to rejuvenate the project and focus more intensely on the original idea of the founders from 2012. Sustainable consumers may therefore look forward to our website as a big help in their future – check out our prototype at www.the-ecomap.com (soon also available for Zurich)! With the launch of our App this semester it will further become so much easier to find the next place to go grocery shopping, the next restaurant to have a delicious and locally sourced meal, the next place for recycling of goods, or the closest hybrid taxi driver. Our team is currently headed by... »

Open Positions

08 February 2017 | Chapter-News

We still have a few open positions for next semester!! We would love to welcome new members in our different projects. If you are interested, please take a look and send us you application!!... »