oikos Consulting: Second Big Circle Gathering

You always wanted to dive into the world of consulting and asked yourself how YOU can make an IMPACT?
Then this BCG will be the right pool to dive into! Don’t be afraid to jump into it even if you don’t know anything about consultancy yet – and be ready to get refreshed with insights, inspiration and lots of opportunities to learn and grow!

For this one we partnered up with one of our collaborator oikos Barcelona Consultancy and together we will provide you an unforgettable 2 hour experience! Check them out here.

➤ You can be excited for 3 speakers sharing their experiences and you’re able to ask them questions about consulting and what skills are required

➤ We will hear from Leon and one of our speakers how their Consultancy project has been conducted

➤ In breakout rooms you will be able to dive into exchange and connect with the oC team but also our collaboration partners and people interested in the topic

We can’t wait for this day to come and already put a lot of energy, brainpower and heart into it. Our goal is to make every meeting and gathering memorable, full of learnings and inspiring for you.

For that we ask you for your presence, your participation and also to show up as YOURSELF.

When? 24.03.2023 4pm CET – 6pm CET
How? Register here.

Cheers and see you there!

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oikos International

posted March 24, 2023

This might be for you.

Profitability and Circularity through Data Workshop

Hey Innovators! 🚀

Digitalisation, data and sustainability are on everyone’s lips. Bringing these three factors together and, most importantly, demonstrating the support of sustainability through data is an exciting challenge, isn’t it?

➡️  Are you a Student, Start Up or work in a SME?

➡️ Are you curious about implementing data science or making your business more sustainable?

Well, then we have the right workshop for you!

In our workshops, we primarily want to give you a basic understanding of the areas in which data collected in companies can contribute to increasing value, on the one hand, and on the other hand tackle the question of how data can support your company to become more sustainable.

Next to exploring application examples, participants can try out supporting tools in the workshop and thus have the opportunity to actively work on a specific challenge of their own company.

Why you should join?

🧰   Try our tools & have access afterward to them!

🗒   Get access to our use cases with our best practices!

🕸   Meet, brainstorm and network with other start-ups and SME’s!

✍🏻   Key-take-aways can be directly implemented in your company

Apply here

Application deadline is 3 February.

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oikos International

posted February 4, 2023

This might be for you.