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Refugee Labor Market Integration – An Impact Investment Case Study


The dislocation of millions of people in various conflict zones of the Middle East and Africa is one of the greatest humanitarian catastrophes of our time. Given the complexity of the issue, various ways of solving the associated challenges have been implemented; reaching from emergency camps in conflict zones to innovative integration services in host countries. With overloade ... »

Study in Prague!

New elective track of study within Master’s Programme  "International and Diplomatic Studies" now available at the University of Economics in Prague.

Environmental Policy and International Relations (EPIR) Study courses within this track offer insights from environmental economics and policy, sustainable management of natural resources and energy, international legal aspects in environmenta ... »

Úplné zásobování obnovitelnou energií: Mýtus nebo realita?

  Na co se těšit? Téma obnovitelná energie je čím dal aktuálnější. Evropská unie má za cíl zvyšovat podíl obnovitelných zdrojů energie na 20 % celkové využívané energie, k čemuž Unie směřuje všechny možné nástroje a zdroje. Jaký dopad bude pro nás? Může obnovitelná energie úplně nahradit fosilně-jaderný systém energie a náklady na přestavbu? Poj ... »

oikos Event: Fairnopoly




Bei diesem oikos Event hatten wir Fairmondo (ehem. Fairnopoly) zu Gast:

  Fairnopoly ist ein alternativer Online-Marktplatz, der sich zu fairen Grundprinzipien und konsequenter Transparenz verpflichtet. Das Besondere: Die Gründer haben ein neues Unternehmensmodell entwickelt. Die Genossenschaft 2.0. Warum diese Rechtsform nachhaltiges Wirtschaften fördert ... »

Kolaps a postkolapsová společnost

Na co se těšit?  

Jak si vede naše civilizace v porovnání s historickými kolapsy civilizací v historii lidstva? Co naše společnosti činí špatně a co bychom naopak mohli změnit, abychom se kolapsu vyhnuli? Další přednáška  Milana Smrže ze společnosti Eurosolar.



   Hlavní témata přednášky: Kolaps jako logické vyústění sou ... »

Alternative Wohlstandindizes: Gastvortrag mit Prof. Hans Diefenbacher

... »

Writing Competition



Did you know that, as a result of successive enlargements, the European Union (EU) is the largest economy in the world, with more than 500 million citizens?


It has more weight internationally than ever before. The EU's enlargement policy supports the membership preparations of those European countries which aspire to join the EU. Thereby it helps to make Europe ... »

oikos & Pizza // Taste of life 2050 - Die Postwachstumsgesellschaft und das gute Leben

Dieses mal laden wir zu einem Ausblick ins Jahr 2050 ein..

Wo stehen wir momentan? Wo wollen wir hin? Und was müssen wir dafür tun?

Studierende aus dem 1. Leuphana – Semester werden ihr im “Wissenschaft trägt Verantwortung”-Modul entstandenes Forschungsprojekt zum Thema Postwachstum vorstellen: Ein selbstgedrehtes Filmchen, das im Anschluss für anregende, visionäre Diskussion so ... »

Rethinking The Economic System

Does additional growth in the industrialised countries trigger increasing happiness? What societal and environmental impact results of our constant pursuit of growth? Is share economy just a fashionable trend or could it lead to more sustainable society? These and other intriguing questions have resonated in oikos Leipzig.

The academic year 2012/2013 is slowly coming to its end and oikos Leipzi ... »

Alumni Debates: Panel Discussion on Growth and Sustainability

First Alumni Debate: Panel Discussion on Growth and Sustainability


The oikos alumni met on 19 September 2013 for an apéro and panel discussion on growth and sustainability. The event took place in Zurich at LGT Venture Philanthropy. Three alumni led the discussion:  Jan Amrit Poser (Bank J. Safra Sarasin); Irmi Seidl (Swiss Federal Research Institute WSL) and Christian Busch (St ... »

Winter School

The 10th oikos Winter School is organized by students of the Witten/Herdecke University, Germany. This year’s central question is Green Economy or Post-Growth Society? – How can economics and businesses shift towards a more sustainable future and which way could be the most promising to do so?


We will discuss this year’s central question by thinking, debating and creating new id ... »

Tropical Salvage: From Recession to Expansion

Case Abstract


Tim O’Brien, Founder of Tropical Salvage, was ready to launch a growth strategy for his company.  He had spent ten years building the sourcing, production and marketing capabilities of Tropical Salvage.  And he had worked successful with a not-for-profit partner to establish the Jepara Forest Conservancy to further the social and environmental missions that had provi ... »

Exiting in a State of Grace: Can Death be Sustainable?

Case Abstract


By August 2007, Deborah Cairns and Fran Reilly had been in business just a year and their alternative, family-directed funeral business had already won a regional sustainable business award. Based in Auckland, New Zealand, State of Grace offered clients socially and environmentally friendly alternatives including involving families where possible in keeping the deceased ... »

Scojo Foundation: A vision for Growth at the Base of the Pyramid

Case abstract

  Scojo Foundation uses a market-based approach to sell affordable reading glasses to the poor. While it had been another successful year for Scojo, Jordan Kassalow, Chairman and Co-Founder of Scojo Foundation, knew that the next 12 months would be critical in fulfilling the vision of the organisation he and Scott Berrie had founded five years before. There were a number of ... »