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New Report: Digital Economy and Sustainability

Digitalization – the increased use of information and communication technologies (ICT) – is affecting all areas of our lives. Rapid progress in the development of hardware and software is steadily moving us towards a fully-digital society.

The ways how we learn, communicate, and consume are cases in point. Applications and devices make it “easier” (in inverted comma, because sometimes t ... »

Blog: LIT on Location - Mosaic Centre

For our second L.I.T. on Location excursion event this year, ourselves and fellow students visited The Mosaic Centre - which is Alberta’s first net-zero commercial building! Here is a blog post regarding the details of the tour which includes an interview with one of our attendees, Kyle Moon.

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oikos Baku introductory video

oikos Baku members prepared the video about Baku chapter in the Azerbaijan State University of Economics. Enjoy :) ... »

Energy Storage, the Future? Not in Switzerland

Leading voices from the Swiss energy sector came together on October 21st at the University of St. Gallen for the annual oikos Conference, hosted and organized by oikos St. Gallen.

The topic of the one-day event: Energy Storage Solutions for the Future. To the surprise of the audience, which comprised oikos members and alumni, as well as faculty and students from major Swiss universities, the e ... »

Social Franchising to Attain Scale and Sustainability: The Kibera Project in Kenya



This case presents the history and development of a Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene (WASH) project in the Kibera slums of Nairobi, Kenya, that was initiated by Rotarians and funded initially, in large part, by the Rotary International Foundation. It discusses the numerous operational and strategic challenges faced by those working on this Kibera Project and the Rotary Project ... »

Sanergy: Sustainable Sanitation



The global sanitation crisis attracted the attention of several regional, national, and international organizations which tried to address the issue in their own way. Still about 2.6 billion people lacked access to decent sanitation facilities across the globe.


Kenya had become a hub of slums with more than 8 million living in the urban slums in the country. Sinc ... »

Dr. Jim Yong Kim’s Dilemma: International Finance Corporation and the Tata Mundra Power Plant



The case study is about the dilemma faced by Dr. Jim Yong Kim (Kim), President of the World Bank Group, related to International Finance Corporation’s (IFC) funding of the Tata Mundra Project in India. The Mundra plant was one of the Ultra Mega Power Projects (UMPPs) conceived with the objective of providing cheap electricity to power-starved states of India. Coastal Gujara ... »

The German ‘Energiewende’: RWE’s Strategic Choice



In July 2012 Peter Terium was named the new CEO of RWE, the biggest electricity provider in Germany. RWE has performed financially well over the previous 40 years with annual sales greater than €50bn since 2010. However, in 2014 the company had to disclose €2.8bn of net losses for the first time in its history.[i] This prompted an urgent need to change RWE’s corporate s ... »

Asia Meet 2015

The next Asia Meet will be hosted by oikos New Delhi and the main topic is going to be sustainable urbanisation. More information coming soon! ... »

Spring Meeting Copengahen

The oikos Spring Meeting is the biggest annual oikos student community gathering hosted by an oikos Chapter. The 2014 Spring Meeting in Copenhagen provided a 4-day platform for 120 participants to inspire, discover and develop joint perspectives on the future of sustainability in management and economics. It offered a platform to design initiatives, engage the oikos community in pursuing them and ... »

Energysavers 2013: 2nd Day

Second day of the Energysavers 2013 workshops. For more details see the project's page. ... »

Energysavers 2013: 1st Day

First day of the Energysavers 2013 workshops. For more details see the project's page. ... »

Design Thinking Workshop

A workshop on design Thinking will be held in September


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2nd oikos & Pizza with Prof. Thomas Dyllick



TIME & PLACE 7:00 pm at IWÖ, Tigerbergstr. 2, 9000 St.Gallen


TOPIC Prof. Thomas Dyllick is going to speak about the topic of sustainability in teaching and campus at the University of St.Gallen.

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Energysavers 2012

"We want you… to become an Energysaver!" – that was the message addressed to students of four greatest Warsaw universities in November and December 2012 that expressed the main idea behind the Energysavers project. The fourth edition of oikos Warsaw initiative devoted to promoting sustainable energy consumption was fully supported by oikos International Project Development Fund.

The Energy ... »