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Schocks und Geschichte - Handlungsfähig für eine nachhaltige Zukunft

Dieses Semester veranstaltete oikos Tübingen im Rahmen des Studium Oecologicum das Seminar „Schocks und Geschichte- Handlungsfähig für eine nachhaltige Zukunft“.

Das Seminar erstreckte sich über das Wochenende vom 9-10.November 2019. Am Samstag wurden ökologische und soziale Katastrophen und ihre Auswirkungen auf Wirtschaft und Gesellschaft betrachtet. Ein besonderer Fokus lag darauf, ... »

Zero-Waste-Workshop am 19.11 im Weltethos-Institut

Du hast Lust auf einen tollen Abend mit spannenden Inputs über Müllvermeidung und Herstellung eigener Produkte, ganz ohne Verpackung? Dann mach bei unserem kostenlosen Zero-Waste Workshop im Rahmen der Europäischen Woche der Müllvermeidung mit!

Oikos beschäftigt sich schon seit längerem mit dem Thema Müllverwendung, schon bevor der Hype um Mikroplastik und die riesigen Plastikmüllberg ... »

The Fall of SunEdison – A Solar Eclipse?


In 2016, one of the largest renewable energy companies in the world, US-based SunEdison Inc., filed for bankruptcy when it couldn’t service the debt it had raised to achieve aggressive growth. SunEdison had had an illustrious past; it had grown to become the largest solar installation company in the US and a global  renewable energy giant. By 2016, solar power had attained grid pari ... »

Ten Thousand Villages in Crisis: Can the Fair Trade Pioneer Survive and Flourish in an Economic Downturn?


This two-part case examines a major reorganization process which took place at Ten Thousand Villages Canada in 2013, as a response to severe challenges from the aftermath of the 2007-08 global financial crisis. Ten Thousand Villages is one of the oldest fair trade organizations in North America, whose history can be traced back to craft sales in 1946. The case was developed in close co ... »

Refugee Labor Market Integration – An Impact Investment Case Study


The dislocation of millions of people in various conflict zones of the Middle East and Africa is one of the greatest humanitarian catastrophes of our time. Given the complexity of the issue, various ways of solving the associated challenges have been implemented; reaching from emergency camps in conflict zones to innovative integration services in host countries. With overloade ... »

Wind in the Sails: Managing Social Acceptance of Large Wind Energy Projects in Switzerland


Shortly after the Fukushima meltdown of 2011, the Swiss government developed an Energy Strategy 2050, aimed to build up renewable energy capacity, improve energy efficiency and phase out nuclear energy. Yet, growth in the wind sector had been disappointing. This case study examines the factors that took the wind out of sails of large wind projects in Switzerland, paying special attenti ... »

Coming to Fruition: Fresh Truck Aims to Increase Food Access in Boston


Founded in 2013 in Boston, Massachusetts, Fresh Truck is a mobile fresh produce market focused on increasing access to fresh produce and nutrition education in Boston’s low-income neighborhoods. Fresh Truck is a non-profit social enterprise that earns revenue through the sale of fresh produce in various Boston neighborhoods. It has become a key part of Boston’s food access ecosyste ... »

Model WTO Baku

We are happy to announce our next project - Model WTO (World Trade Organization) Baku. It is in cooperation with the "UNEC Model UN" and the "Model WTO" with which we also started a cooperation.

Mode WTO Baku will be held on 21-22 May 2016 in Baku, University of Economics.

Two working groups and relevant topics will be simulated at Model WTO Baku:

- Country Working Group: Azerbaijan ... »

oikos Talk

Am 26. Januar haben wir wieder ein tolles oikos Event. Dieses Mal einen Talk!


Zu Gast: Marc Buckley von ANJA GmbH & Co. KG


Wann? 26.01.2016, 19 Uhr

Wo? Uni Hamburg, Raum folgt auf Facebook

  ... »

oikos goes: fairgoods - Messe für nachhaltigen Lebensstil

Die Messe für nachhaltigen Lebensstil findet zum ersten mal in der Kölner XPost statt. Parallel dazu läuft auch die Veggienale - Messe für vegan-vegetarische Lebenskultur am selben Ort. Der AK Social Entrepreneurship wird an einer Podiumsdiskussion teilnehmen.

Außerdem erwarten wir Besuch von oikos Paderborn. Wer mitkommen will, schreibt uns einfach an! ... »

Fairphone: Organising for Sustained Social Impact



With no previous experience in the mobile phone industry, Bas van Abel, an industrial designer based in Amsterdam, started Fairphone as an NGO [non-governmental organisation] awareness campaign in March 2010. He hoped that by inviting the public to design collaboratively a prototype of a “fair” smartphone, the campaign would raise the Dutch public’s awareness of the lin ... »

Apple and Conflict Minerals: Ethical Sourcing for Sustainability



The success of Apple Inc.’s products like the iPhone and the iPad made the company rely on manufacturers in Asia to produce its products at a lower cost. Since these manufacturers were not too particular about checking the origins of the minerals they used, Apple had to face accusations by activists that it was using conflict minerals in its products. These conflict mineral ... »

oikos Germany Meeting 2015

This year's Germany Meeting will carry the title of: (Re-)Thinking Sustainability. ... »

Terra Nova (A)



In three years, a small team of engineers led by a visionary entrepreneur Mr. Christian Thomas has developed a new process for producing iron, aluminum, copper, as well as gold and silver in commercial quantities, from electronic waste. The small team of senior engineers who started this venture had been brutally terminated upon the failure of a big lead processing plant. Ou ... »

IKEA and the 'Better Cotton Initiative'



The purpose of this case study is to discuss the relation between management and sustainability, paying specific attention to the issue of supply chain and innovation. IKEA, the world’s leading furniture retailer, has a long history of managing environmental and social issues. The company has developed internal procedures to assess the sustainability impact of new products ... »

Barrick Gold: A Perfect Storm at Pascua Lama



This case study is about a gold mining company that sought to practice “responsible mining” by reaching out to stakeholders and addressing environmental concerns, but which nevertheless attracted a host of protestors and opponents. Punctuated by testimony from its 85-year-old founder, it offers unique insights into Barrick Gold Corporation in the age-old pursuit of the pr ... »

Clean Water Grow: 'Go or No Go?



The $43 billion US wastewater treatment industry is a landscape in which the high costs of capital construction and the need for economies of scale feature prominently. The US Environmental Protection Agency estimates that between 2004 and 2024, over $200 billion will need to be spent upgrading and expanding America’s wastewater infrastructure.2  One significant challen ... »

Handmade paper Workshop

Handmade paper Workshop will be organized on Sunday, 26th of April at 3.30 p.m. in the Primary School nr 70 (address: Bruna Street 11). We will learn how to create paper out of waste paper to positively impact the environment and have a great fun. All participants of the workshop are kindly asked to bring some waste paper and clothes to deal with the surplus of water. Any natural dyes, spices and ... »

oikos Photography Contest

oikos Barcelona presents it's anual Photography contest.

This years topic is "Sustainable relationships between nature and society". The photos must show an environment where people and nature coexist in a sustainable way.


Here's some important information about the contest:

- Dates: March 31st – April 30th

- Who can participate? All the students at ESADE can pa ... »

oikos Academy Lecture 3 - Vestas, Wind for Prosperity

Vestas Anders Riis will introduce you to the Vestas Wind for Prosperity project, an innovative business model to bring affordable electricity to energy-poor, wind- rich rural communities.


Watch Vestas  Wind for Prosperity project:


... »

Wyjazdowe Seminarium Naukowe

Seminar on CSR at the Marie Curie Skłodowska University. The programme:

Thursday, 6th of March Departure from Warsaw Central Station at 20:50 Friday, 7th of March: Sighteesing of the Bogdanka coal mine 6.00 arrival, registration, examination by a doctor, Health&Safety training, other formalities 7.30-8.00 going underground 8.00-12.30 sightseeing inside the coal mine 12.30-13.00 go ... »

oikos Academy Lecture 1 - Dansk Industri

Danks Industri's Head of Environmental Policy, Karin Klitgaard will introduce you to the overall topic from a top-down perspective, starting at UN-level. She will present cases from DI members, related to Wind, Waste & Water, and how greentech influences the competitiveness of the Danish Industry. She will conclude by outlining skills demanded from future leaders, where sustainability becomes ... »

oikos Turns Water Pollutants into Compost

We are thrilled to introduce the first project of our newly established oikos chapter in Pune. The i-GREEN initiative, which aims to clean rivers in the region, has already brought positive outcomes.


People of Hindu religion worship the God by giving flowers as a gesture of offering the purest in mankind. They are busy and engrossed in their daily routine to give a thought to “What ... »

Student Reporters at WRF, Davos

Student Reporter team will be covering the World Resources Forum in Davos. Read more ... »

oikos Central and Eastern European Meeting - Energy for Europe

oikos Warsaw is going to gather international community to discuss the future challenges of the European energy sector in the perspective of EU climate policy and CO2 emissions reduction targets. Read more ... »

oikos Case Quarterly: Beverage Industry | Issue 10, June 2013

Welcome to Issue 10 (Spring 2013) of the oikos Case Quarterly!


The latest issue of the oikos Case Quarterly focuses on the sustainability practices and challenges of the beverage industry. Four cases are presented that depict a variety of common industry issues such as boycotts by customers and activists, challenges of operating in unstable political and social contexts and th ... »

Mind the Gap: Royal Dutch Shell’s Sustainability Agenda in Nigeria

Case Abstract


Royal Dutch Shell has started to assume social and political responsibilities that go beyond legal requirements and fill the regulatory vacuum in global governance and a public responsibility gap in Nigeria. Which implications does this engagement have for the firm, governance and democracy? And which public responsibility strategies can a multinational company (MNC) lik ... »

Coke in the Cross Hairs: Water, India, and the University of Michigan

Case Abstract


The case drives a discussion around events in 2005-2006 when the University of Michigan decided to cut its contract with Coca-Cola because of the company’s environmental issues in India and labor issues in Colombia. The case follows Coca-Cola’s changing approach to water management through the University of Michigan situation, which was both unique and also telling o ... »

WaterHealth International: Providing Safe Drinking Water to the Bottom of the Pyramid Consumers

Case Abstract


This case study is about Irvine, California-based WaterHealth International Inc. (WHI), a social purpose for-profit venture in the safe water sector, focused on serving the traditionally underserved ‘Bottom of the Pyramid’ (BoP) segment. The company’s aim was to ensure increasing returns for the company and its investors while achieving a social impact.

  ... »

So You Want to be a Social Entrepreneur: Starting Out, Scaling Up, Staying Committed

Case Abstract


The global water crisis is a silent crisis. It does not attract the same level of attention as airline accidents or plummeting economic statistics, yet its toll is far more staggering: more than 3 billion illnesses and 2 million deaths result from drinking contaminated water each year. These casualties take place almost exclusively in the developing world and the rural p ... »

Good Water: Standing on Holy Ground

Case Abstract


By 2009, New Zealand businessman and Good Water CEO, Grant Hall, was one year into his five year plan to achieve his nirvana vision of a closed loop system. He wanted to sell water in bottles made from local biomass, with the used bottle waste separated, recycled into plant pottles, allowed to biodegrade to support new plant-life and sources of biomass for further produc ... »