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oikos Case Competition in Association with Boond

oikos Kolkata is conducting its first inter-chapter case competition! For More Details, Check our Facebook Page: ... »

oikos LEAP Webinar "Thinking Innovation For Better Projects"

As part of the oikos LEAP Leadership Program, three inspirational Webinars are open to all oikos members.

We're kicking of the season with this special Webinar on project design, design thinking and putting a good will into an even better project, captured under the name "Thinking Innovation for Better Projects". Webinar Leader Daniel Hires has conducted numerous projects and grown businesses i ... »

oikos Alumni Debates Online

Value Creation from Sustainability


The market environment is fundamentally changing in the face of immense global environmental and social challenges, and the need for sustainable business practices represents an important opportunity for businesses and organizations to seize. Integrating environmental and social values into core business activities is the crucial for lasting prof ... »

SBE Consulting Project

Over the past months, oikos was part of the Maastricht School of Business and Economics' (SBE) effort to renew its strategic stance. We delivered assistance in two major aspects of this process, to ensure a sustainable development of the faculty.

This process is completed now, but further cooperation with the SBE is likely to happen. If you are interested in making an impact, by sharing your kn ... »

Socially Responsible Investing: Data-Driven Decision Making



Socially responsible investing (SRI) is an investment process that screens investment opportunities based on ethical, social, corporate governance, or environmental. SRI has been growing rapidly; total U.S.-domiciled SRI-managed assets increased from $3.74 trillion in 2012 to $6.57 trillion in 2014. The growth of SRI puts it in a position to encourage sustainability as such f ... »

Polarstern Energy – Sustainable Change Led by Innovative Entrepreneurs



In 2011 three young entrepreneurs, Jakob Assmann, Florian Henle and Simon Stadler, set out to revolutionize the energy market by offering a radical solution for customers to switch from non-renewable fossil fuels to renewable energies. Through their start-up Polarstern, they aimed to offer the first comprehensive sustainable energy package, derived from 100% renewable resourc ... » between Economic Success and Corporate Responsibility



The Alibaba Group was one of the biggest and fastest growing businesses in China for about ten years. Among many other companies under the holding’s umbrella, had become the world’s most frequented market place in the Business to Business segment. The company provided an internet platform for especially small and medium sized companies, where western demands m ... »

The Rise of a New Industry: Business Model Innovation at the Intersection of Energy and Mobility



Cofely, a large international technical services provider, is observing important changes at the fringes of its industry. Two industries that have experienced pressure towards being more environmentally responsive in the past, the automotive industry and the energy industry, are converging due to the emergence of electric cars. The Dutch subsidiary of Cofely is therefore sear ... »

Cocoa Sourcing – Sustainability Challenges and Emerging Corporate Response

The chocolate industry is confronted with serious sustainability challenges in cocoa production that may put long term cocoa supply at risk. Although sustainability challenges have been a concern for the industry for some years, the challenges have become more complex and increasingly urgent. Hence, it is analysed how chocolate manufacturers started to address the challenges. Additionally, the inf ... »

oikos-Accenture Strategy Workshop

As one of three winners of the oikos-Accenture Strategy workshop, join oikos Jena to learn more on sustainability strategy. Find more information here on how to participate. ... »

CSR and Human Rights Under the Light of a Game Theory Approach

The thesis will demonstrate Bilancini and Boncinelli (2014)’s model of two players with a signal-sending player making an offer of two types, namely high quality and low quality, and sending either high or low signal on the offer; and the signal-receiving player who perceives and processes the signal in either of two elaboration levels, namely high elaboration or low elaboration with the emergen ... »


Beim Strategietag treffen wir uns in netter Atmosphäre und besprechen die Projekte für nächstes Semester, stellen euch unser Projektmanagement-Tool Trello vor, beantworten alle Fragen und haben einfach eine gute Zeit zusammen. Auch Neue sind natürlich immer sehr willkommen! – Ort: Keplerstraße 14, 50823 Köln (Ehrenfeld). Uhrzeit: 11:00-17:00. ... »

What does CSR mean? oikos Meeting 14.10.2015


What is actually the social responsibility of business about? Is it only about the marketing activities that are becoming ever more popular? Or does it truly constitute the key component of a business strategy? Was Milton Friedman right while saying that the social responsibility of business is to increase its profits? And what did he actually mean?

We will provide answers to the ... »


Dieses Jahr treffen wir uns schon vor Semesterbeginn, um Projekte und Aktionen zu planen. Kommt gern vorbei! Alle sind herzlich willkommen! ... »

oikos Event: Fairnopoly




Bei diesem oikos Event hatten wir Fairmondo (ehem. Fairnopoly) zu Gast:

  Fairnopoly ist ein alternativer Online-Marktplatz, der sich zu fairen Grundprinzipien und konsequenter Transparenz verpflichtet. Das Besondere: Die Gründer haben ein neues Unternehmensmodell entwickelt. Die Genossenschaft 2.0. Warum diese Rechtsform nachhaltiges Wirtschaften fördert ... »

The German ‘Energiewende’: RWE’s Strategic Choice



In July 2012 Peter Terium was named the new CEO of RWE, the biggest electricity provider in Germany. RWE has performed financially well over the previous 40 years with annual sales greater than €50bn since 2010. However, in 2014 the company had to disclose €2.8bn of net losses for the first time in its history.[i] This prompted an urgent need to change RWE’s corporate s ... »

Hopworks Urban Brewery: A Case of Sustainable Beer



Founded in 2007 in Portland, Oregon, Hopworks Urban Brewery is a sustainability-focused brewpub that produces certified organic beer. The State of Oregon is the second largest producer of hops, a main ingredient in beer, in the United States, and also has more craft breweries per capita than any other state. The metro area of Portland, home to over 2 million people, has over ... »

Climate Damage, Portfolio Risk and Forceful Stewardship

  Join us at the LSE on the 12th of March (5:30pm CLM 5.02) to hear Howard Covington and Raj Thamotheram speak on their recently publicised concept of 'Forceful Stewardship'. They offer the reasoning that the continued promotion of fossil fuels and an above 2 degrees of warming of the planet carries significant risks for investors' portfolios. Leading from this is their assertion that it is ... »

Spring Meeting 2015

The 2015 oikos Spring Meeting will be hosted in London between March 26th and 29th 2015. It will bring together 120 students from across the globe to enquire, think and discuss the relationship between finance and sustainability alongside LSE students and expert speakers.

More information here. ... »

Mannat Foundation: Building Social Enterprise for the ‘Bottom of the Pyramid’



In April 2013, Dr. Yogendra Saxena, Managing Trustee of Mannat Foundation, was to work out the renewal of the contract between Mannat Foundation and Tata Business Support Services (TBSS). The objective of the contract was to state the constitution of the structure and modus operandi of Mannat Foundation. Mannat Foundation was established in 2009 as a product of the joint vent ... »

Embedding Sustainability At Novo Nordisk: The Compassion Vs Competitiveness Dilemma

Case Abstract


This case is about Novo Nordisk, one of the leading global healthcare companies. Novo Nordisk started to focus on sustainability when its predecessor Novo faced criticism regarding its business practices in the late 1960s. A pioneer in sustainability reporting, the company introduced several sustainability related initiatives like the Novo Nordisk Way of Management and t ... »


Case Abstract


In 2001 Tom Szaky, a Princeton freshman, founded TerraCycle in the hope of starting an eco-capitalist company built on waste – worm waste to be exact. Tom and his small team had little experience in building a business, but all possessed entrepreneurial spirit. Eventually, Tom dropped out of Princeton to pursue his dream of eliminating waste. Surviving on the goodwill ... »

Sustainable Development at PepsiCo

Case Abstract


This case is about the sustainable development initiatives of one of the world’s leading food and beverage companies, PepsiCo. Faced with various criticisms on the social and environmental fronts, PepsiCo adopted the ‘Performance with Purpose’ strategy in 2009 under the leadership of its CEO Indra Nooyi (Nooyi). This strategy was based upon the philosophy that the ... »

Y U Ranch: Strategy and Sustainability in Cattle Ranching

Case Abstract


Bryan Gilvesy owns and operates Y U Ranch, a Longhorn cattle ranch in southern Ontario. In this case series, Gilvesy is required to make a set of interesting but seemingly unimportant decisions. Collectively, over the three cases, students will see that each decision builds on the previous decision, which contributes not only to Gilvesy becoming less “sustainable” in ... »

TATA Power: Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability

Case Abstract


The case describes the strategic dilemma involved while taking the decision on the ‘modus operate’ of CSR department for one of the leading Indian MNCs (‘Tata Power Company’ from Tata Group of Companies). TPC had undertaken the CSR activities for decades reflecting the company’s commitment towards sustainable energy generation without undue compromise to human ... »

Scojo Foundation: A vision for Growth at the Base of the Pyramid

Case abstract

  Scojo Foundation uses a market-based approach to sell affordable reading glasses to the poor. While it had been another successful year for Scojo, Jordan Kassalow, Chairman and Co-Founder of Scojo Foundation, knew that the next 12 months would be critical in fulfilling the vision of the organisation he and Scott Berrie had founded five years before. There were a number of ... »

Seventh Generation: Balancing Customer Expectations with Supply Chain Realities

Case Abstract


The case focuses on Seventh Generation, a maker of environmentally-sensitive household nondurables such as soaps, detergents, paper products, and diapers. Faced with the prospect of being without a product when a contract manufacturer could no longer make its natural baby wipes, the company substituted conventional wipes. But some of the ingredients in these conventional ... »