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oikos Hong Kong Sustainability Impact Case Competition 2019

oikos Hong Kong is pleased to hold our Sustainability Impact Case Competition (SICC) on 29 April 2019. The winning team will be qualified to take part in the oikos International FutureLab in Geneva in this coming fall with sponsorship.

Sign up now! Deadline for registration: 23:59(HKT) on 12 April 2019

Special thanks to HKUST Business School Department of Management, ... »

Eliminating Modern Slavery from Supply Chains: Can Nestlé Lead the Way?


The case discusses the global food processing giant Nestlé’s problems relating to modern slavery in its cocoa supply chain. The company faced allegations of using child labor in its cocoa supply chain in Ivory Coast and was also accused of failing to disclose this to customers at the point of sale. Some critics argued that Nestlé was not doing enough and was not being transparent e ... »

Sustainable fashion

An aggregated list of production locations of 64 Dutch garment and textile companies, together producing 80 brands, was published today. The Dutch Agreement on Sustainable Garments and Textile says it is an important step towards further transparency of the supply chain. (We are looking forward to seeing such a list for France as well!)

It's not as easy as it seems to know where to buy sustai ... »

‘Enrich Not Exploit’: Can New CSR Strategy Help Body Shop Regain Glory?


This case looks at some key challenges before Jeremy Schwartz (Schwartz), CEO of The Body Shop International Plc. (Body Shop), and its International Director of Corporate Responsibility and Campaigns, Christopher Davis (Davis), as they try to re-establish the company as a leader in ethical retail and maintain its distinct image amid tough competition and boost sales.

Body ... »

Ten Thousand Villages in Crisis: Can the Fair Trade Pioneer Survive and Flourish in an Economic Downturn?


This two-part case examines a major reorganization process which took place at Ten Thousand Villages Canada in 2013, as a response to severe challenges from the aftermath of the 2007-08 global financial crisis. Ten Thousand Villages is one of the oldest fair trade organizations in North America, whose history can be traced back to craft sales in 1946. The case was developed in close co ... »

Coming to Fruition: Fresh Truck Aims to Increase Food Access in Boston


Founded in 2013 in Boston, Massachusetts, Fresh Truck is a mobile fresh produce market focused on increasing access to fresh produce and nutrition education in Boston’s low-income neighborhoods. Fresh Truck is a non-profit social enterprise that earns revenue through the sale of fresh produce in various Boston neighborhoods. It has become a key part of Boston’s food access ecosyste ... »

Moneypulation: "Consumption Trap"

We as consumers are being frequently misguided by producers, we spend more time and money on things that we do not need at all. Achieving sustainable living is an urgent and complex challenge of our current daily life, it requires new ways of thinking and collaborating.

“Moneypulation: Consumption Trap” is a workshop regarding the way we consume to make it more sustainable. So, you can ... »

Future Lab 2016: Walk the talk


oikos Future Lab vom 06. bis 09. November 2016 in St. Gallen


Unter dem Motto "Walk the talk" stand das Future Lab 2016, das jährlich von oikos International in St.Gallen veranstaltet wird. Gleich drei von uns haben die Reise in die Schweiz angetreten, um oikos Konstanz auf der Konferenz zu vertreten. Drei Tage gefüllt von spannenden Vorträgen, Workshops, Learning Circ ... »

Rückblick 2. Future Fashion Day

Wir hatten einen wundervollen Tag mit vielen interessanten Austellern, Vorträgen und einer Catwalk-Show die alle Erwartungen übertroffen hat.

Optimistisch blicken wir auf 2017 und möchten den FutureFashionDay weiter ausbauen.

Alle Bilder zum Event sind im folgenden Link zu sehen

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Guayakí: Securing Supplies, Strengthening the Mission



The case reviews the rise of Guayakí, a company that sells energy drinks produced with leaves from Yerba Mate trees, and a significant decision it now faces.  Guayakí’s drinks offer a natural alternative in the energy drink industry, which is dominated by large players selling products mainly made from water and chemicals.  The company started very small, had several ... »

Clothes Exchange Party

oikos Bayreuth is hosting another Clothes Exchange Party to reduce waste, and overconsumption.


More information (in German) here. ... »

oikos Talks on Humanitarian Fashion

oikos Reutlingen is hosting an oikos Talks event with GLIMPSE FASHION which works to prevent prostitution in the fashion supply chain in India.

Find more information (in German) here. ... »

2. Future Fashion Day

Ethisch korrekt produziert, nachhaltig und schön?? Wie das gehen kann zeigen wir beim 2. Future Fashion Day. Mit klarem Fokus auf Design und Nachhaltigkeit präsentieren wir Top-Player aus dem Eco-Fashion-Segment. Die Vorbereitungen laufen auf Hochtouren - lasst euch überraschen!

Es werden zahlreiche Aussteller aus der Region, Labels aus deutschlands Modehauptstadt Berlin und auch aus der Sch ... »

Model WTO on local TV Broadcast (ITV).

Na co se těšit?  

Téma obnovitelná energie je čím dal tím aktuálnější. Evropská unie má za cíl zvyšovat podíl obnovitelných zdrojů energie na 20 procent celkově využívané energie, čemuž věnuje všechny možné nástroje. Jak to dopadne na nás? Může obnovitelná energie úplně nahradit fosilně-jaderný systém energie a náklady na přestavbu? Pojďte si po ... »

Modern Day Slavery in the Textile Industry

oikos Leipzig hosts a speech and discussion on modern day slavery in the textile industry. Further information (in German) is available here. ... »

oikos FutureLab 2016

The oikos FutureLab is the biggest event in the annual oikos calendar which gathers representatives from the entire oikos community. It provides a 2-day platform for 140 participants to inspire, discover and develop joint perspectives on the future of sustainability in management and economics. More information is available here.

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A View on the 20th oikos Conference on Food Labels

"Having been part of the oikos event calendar for more than 20 years, the oikos Conference is the oldest oikos initiative. Since its start in 1988, the aim of the project has been to organize a conference to increase awareness and knowledge about a selected environmental topic, and to generate an impact beyond the conference.

This year’s oikos Conference team, consisting of five and later six ... »

oikos Meeting, 02.11.2015

Would you like to taste sustainability? If yes, you are more than welcome at the next oikos Warsaw meeting! We will enjoy discussions about sustainable food and sustainable food itselt. We are meeting on Monday, November 2, at 7 p.m. at Strych na Wróble.

More information: HERE

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Fairphone: Organising for Sustained Social Impact



With no previous experience in the mobile phone industry, Bas van Abel, an industrial designer based in Amsterdam, started Fairphone as an NGO [non-governmental organisation] awareness campaign in March 2010. He hoped that by inviting the public to design collaboratively a prototype of a “fair” smartphone, the campaign would raise the Dutch public’s awareness of the lin ... »

From Sweatshops to Sustainability: Wal-Mart’s Journey in Bangladesh



Walmart the largest company in the world by revenues as of 2014, operated on the philosophy of providing its consumers products at the lowest possible price. To achieve this, it procured goods from various parts of the world. The clothes were mostly procured from Bangladesh. Walmart and other global retailers were attracted to Bangladesh due to cheap labor and low productio ... »

Apple and Conflict Minerals: Ethical Sourcing for Sustainability



The success of Apple Inc.’s products like the iPhone and the iPad made the company rely on manufacturers in Asia to produce its products at a lower cost. Since these manufacturers were not too particular about checking the origins of the minerals they used, Apple had to face accusations by activists that it was using conflict minerals in its products. These conflict mineral ... »


Sustainable and fashionable? UnDress shows that this goes together very well. In workshops and presentations, HSG students can inform about modern ecofashion. Moreover, there is an exhibition and a fashion show with students and professors, where everyone can gain inspiration for sustainable and fashionable looks and trends. This annual event is organized in cooperation with the Marketin ... »

Fashion (Supply Chain) Learning Circle Updates

The Fashion/Supply Chain Learning Circle 


Fair fashion, sustainable shirts and organic underpants – that is what we want. But what changes need to be pushed on in order to achieve a more sustainable product? What steps within the fashion supply chain are concerned? And in what ways can oikos impact on this transformation towards more sustainability?


Through a co-operat ... »

IKEA and the 'Better Cotton Initiative'



The purpose of this case study is to discuss the relation between management and sustainability, paying specific attention to the issue of supply chain and innovation. IKEA, the world’s leading furniture retailer, has a long history of managing environmental and social issues. The company has developed internal procedures to assess the sustainability impact of new products ... »

oikos Case Quarterly: Fairtrade Issue 13, March 2014

As of today, fairtrade products can be found in almost any grocery store. Both, sales volume and variety of products available keep increasing at a fast pace. Much has been discussed about the certification instruments and the concept behind the fairtrade movement. However, cases discussing the business models of fairtrade initiatives are rare. We hereby present two cases to help explore the chall ... »

Madécasse: Competing with a 4x Fairtrade Business Model

Case Abstract


Brett Beach and Tim McCollum, co-founders of Madécasse, spent two years as Peace Corps volunteers in Madagascar. During that time, they fell in love with the country and its people. Recognizing the need of the Malagasy for stable jobs and fair wages and the connection between poverty and environmental destruction, Brett and Tim discussed possibilities for a social enter ... »

"Protecting Our Oceans": Sustainability at Holland America Lines

Case Abstract


This is a case about the threats to the world’s oceans seen through the lens of the $30 billion per year cruise line industry. There is a focus on Holland America Lines (HAL) as a sustainability leader in the industry. HAL has implemented a number of beyond compliance and efficiency initiatives and is ISO 14001 certified. The cruise line industry, and the maritime indu ... »

Walmart: Love, Earth

Case Abstract


This is the story about the efforts of a social entrepreneur, Assheton Carter, to create a meaningful initiative with Wal-Mart in ethical mining.  His idea:  to somehow secure the supply chain for jewelry in a way that consumers could be certain that every input – from treatment of workers in the mines through to sustainable manufacturing – was executed to the high ... »

Of Orangutans and Chainsaws: Cargill, Inc. Confronts The Rainforest Action Network’s Palm Oil Advocacy

Case Abstract


From October 2007 till September 2010, the Rainforest Action Network (RAN), an environment and sustainability-focused nongovernmental organization (NGO) mounted a public campaign against Cargill, the United States-based agribusiness company. The campaign advocated the production and sale of sustainable palm oil because traditional palm oil cultivation destroyed rainfores ... »

Corporate Social Engagement: How Aramex Crosses Boundaries

Case Abstract


In line with its integrative sustainability program, the global logistics company Aramex decided to use its core competencies for a humanitarian relief campaign in Gaza in 2008/9 and deliver donated items to people in need. In view of the situation’s urgency, Aramex had to quickly develop a suitable strategy for how to communicate the need for donations across the wide ... »

Y U Ranch: Strategy and Sustainability in Cattle Ranching

Case Abstract


Bryan Gilvesy owns and operates Y U Ranch, a Longhorn cattle ranch in southern Ontario. In this case series, Gilvesy is required to make a set of interesting but seemingly unimportant decisions. Collectively, over the three cases, students will see that each decision builds on the previous decision, which contributes not only to Gilvesy becoming less “sustainable” in ... »

Burgerville: Sustainability and Sourcing in a QSR Supply Chain

Case Abstract


Burgerville, a local quick-serve restaurant chain in the Pacific Northwest prides itself on its attention to keeping its menu items “Fresh, Local, Sustainable.” A family-owned business with deep social values, Burgerville prides itself on leadership in environmental and social initiatives. While Burgerville sells hamburgers, milkshakes and fries, they highlight ingre ... »

Noir/Illuminati II (A & B): Defining Socially Responsible Affordable Luxury Clothing

Case Abstract


Peter Ingwersen founded the companies in February 2005. The two entities were like Siamese twins; Noir designed and produced luxury clothing for women, while Illuminati II was set up to produce high quality, fair-trade, organic cotton fabrics of the highest quality both for Noir and other leading fashion brands. Together, they provided the basis for a totally new concept ... »

Portland Roasting Company: Farm Friendly Direct

Case Abstract


This case describes the issues and dilemmas facing a company in their efforts to differentiate their product through a social sustainability programme. Over the years, the company has built a strong reputation with their sustainability efforts, particularly amongst their peers in the specialty coffee industry. There is some question as to whether this reputation has been ... »

Lululemon's commitment to the environment: A tangle of seaweed, suppliers, and social responsibility

Case Abstract


This case introduces Lululemon, an athletic and yoga wear retailer, and their commitment to the environment. The company was founded on its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative, and took pride in its innovative approach towards the environment. The company trusted the suppliers with which it had relationships, and believed the products it was buying were as t ... »