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Ten Thousand Villages in Crisis: Can the Fair Trade Pioneer Survive and Flourish in an Economic Downturn?


This two-part case examines a major reorganization process which took place at Ten Thousand Villages Canada in 2013, as a response to severe challenges from the aftermath of the 2007-08 global financial crisis. Ten Thousand Villages is one of the oldest fair trade organizations in North America, whose history can be traced back to craft sales in 1946. The case was developed in close co ... »

Cocoa Sourcing – Sustainability Challenges and Emerging Corporate Response

The chocolate industry is confronted with serious sustainability challenges in cocoa production that may put long term cocoa supply at risk. Although sustainability challenges have been a concern for the industry for some years, the challenges have become more complex and increasingly urgent. Hence, it is analysed how chocolate manufacturers started to address the challenges. Additionally, the inf ... »

The First Model WTO in Baku

The Model WTO Baku has been held at Azerbaijan State University of Economics (UNEC) on 20th May, 2016. The organizers of the event were the Ministry of Youth and Sports and UNEC, as well as “UNEC Model UN” Club and “oikos Baku”. More than 100 of local and overseas students from all higher education institutions of our country joined the conference held for the first time in Azerbaijan.

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Model WTO on local TV Broadcast (ITV).

Na co se těšit?  

Téma obnovitelná energie je čím dal tím aktuálnější. Evropská unie má za cíl zvyšovat podíl obnovitelných zdrojů energie na 20 procent celkově využívané energie, čemuž věnuje všechny možné nástroje. Jak to dopadne na nás? Může obnovitelná energie úplně nahradit fosilně-jaderný systém energie a náklady na přestavbu? Pojďte si po ... »

FairTrade Coffee Break

As part of the World FairTrade Challenge, oikos Bayreuth organizes a Fairtrade coffee break. Come and support the challenge by drinking fair-trade coffee!


More information (in German) can be found on this Facebook event. ... »

Model WTO

oikos Baku is organizing their first Model WTO in partnership with the UNEC Model UN. Two working groups will engage in the simulation: a country working group on Azerbaijan's accession negotiations; and a building trade capacity group on the challenges of global trading system.


Find more information here. ... »

1-st Model WTO in Azerbaijan

The Model WTO Baku Conference has been held at Azerbaijan State University of Economics (UNEC) on 20th May 2016. The Ministry of Youth and Sports and UNEC, as well as “UNEC Model UN” Club and “Oikos Baku” international youth organization were the organizers of the event . More than 100 of local and overseas students from all higher education institutions of the country joined the conferen ... »

Model WTO Baku

We are happy to announce our next project - Model WTO (World Trade Organization) Baku. It is in cooperation with the "UNEC Model UN" and the "Model WTO" with which we also started a cooperation.

Mode WTO Baku will be held on 21-22 May 2016 in Baku, University of Economics.

Two working groups and relevant topics will be simulated at Model WTO Baku:

- Country Working Group: Azerbaijan ... »

oikos goes: fairgoods - Messe für nachhaltigen Lebensstil

Die Messe für nachhaltigen Lebensstil findet zum ersten mal in der Kölner XPost statt. Parallel dazu läuft auch die Veggienale - Messe für vegan-vegetarische Lebenskultur am selben Ort. Der AK Social Entrepreneurship wird an einer Podiumsdiskussion teilnehmen.

Außerdem erwarten wir Besuch von oikos Paderborn. Wer mitkommen will, schreibt uns einfach an! ... »

oikos Model WTO

Do you have an interest in current affairs in international trade and would you like to experience the process of international negotiations? Then the Model WTO 2015 could be the right event for you. The topic for the coming year's edition will be "Mega-regionals - A challenge for the post-Bali WTO". Focusing on the major proposed agreements between some of the biggest economies of the world, suc ... »

oikos Winter School 2015

Money and trade is connecting people all over the world. In everyday life, we do not question our modes of transaction through money and trade – we take them to be grown all naturally and as if there were no alternatives. But is that really the case?  This is the question we are asking at the next oikos winter school with the theme, “X-Change – Sustainability through money and trade“.We ... »

Responsible Investment Conference

Ethical Finance and Responsible Investment as tools of Sustainable Development is a conference that will take place on May 8th at Warsaw School of Economics (Aula I, C building). The agenda is full of speeches concerning ethical finance, responsible investing in the context of CSR and Fair Trade. The conference will an occasion to present the first Polish guidebook on ethical finance and responsi ... »

Madécasse: Competing with a 4x Fairtrade Business Model

Case Abstract


Brett Beach and Tim McCollum, co-founders of Madécasse, spent two years as Peace Corps volunteers in Madagascar. During that time, they fell in love with the country and its people. Recognizing the need of the Malagasy for stable jobs and fair wages and the connection between poverty and environmental destruction, Brett and Tim discussed possibilities for a social enter ... »

All Good Bananas. Selling the Fair Trade Message

Case Abstract


In June 2012, serial ecopreneur, Chris Morrison, was wondering just how many All Good Bananas he could sell into banana-hungry New Zealand. From trials bringing Fairtrade bananas to New Zealand in 2008, All Good Bananas had grown to take 5% of the market share in a fiercely competitive industry dominated by large multi-national corporations with a legacy of poor environm ... »

Model WTO

The oikos Model WTO provides an opportunity for future decision-makers to face important global issues in the simulation framework of the WTO ministerial negotiations. Every year since 1997, students from around the world have been invited to Switzerland to debate and exchange creative ideas in the realistic context of the World Trade Organization. ... »