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Meeting with Nurlan Jahangirli

07 May 2018 | Chapter-News

oikos Tbilisi members met informally the representative of Executive Board(EB) Nurlan Jahangirli on Monday, May 1st. The reasons for the meeting was to discuss some issues about future projects and to get advices for current programs. He shared his knowledge and best practice with oikos Tbilisi members. Thank you Nurlan for such an interesting and useful meeting!... »

Green Boxes

10 October 2017 | Chapter-News

oikos Tbilisi is organizing the project “Lets Save Another Tree Together”. Within the framework of the project, “Green Boxes” will be installed at the X building of Tbilisi State University from October 18. The Green Box aims to promote the collection and recycling culture of waste paper and popularization of paper packets. If you have paper: unsuccessful prints, spoilt sheets, useless Xeroxes, notebooks, books, magazines or newspapers – JOIN US! The project is supported by Tbilisi State University and bookshop “Biblus”. Let’s take care of the environment together.... »

oikos Movie Screening- Before The Flood

11 December 2016 | Chapter-News

oikos Tbilisi organized the project “oikos Movie Screening” at Georgian Parliament National Library on December 9th. It included showing documentary film, directed by Fisher Stevens, about climate change -“Before the Flood”. At the end the attenders were involved in debates around the film. The aim of this project is to give students informal education in sustainable economics related topics. Also it is oriented to raise students’ involvement in current challenges.  ... »

Informational Meeting with Students

07 December 2016 | Chapter-News

oikos Tbilisi  held informational meeting with students on December 6th at Tbilisi State University. During the meeting students had  an opportunity to get information about oikos, its vision, mission and main activities,  membership benefits and responsibilities. They also asked questions at the end of the presentation and shared their ideas about organization’s activities. Every passionate student who is interested in working in the field of Sustainability, wants to join oikos international network and get valuable experience is very welcome to join oikos Tbilisi! We are recruiting new members and the deadline for applying  is December 11 !      ... »

Education for a Better World – oikos Summer School 2016  

17 November 2016 | Chapter-News

Sheyda Karimova When at a lecture, do you ever wonder what you would do differently were you the teacher? What would you change? Or have you never dared to doubt the unshakable truth spoken by your teachers? Have you never doubted their teaching methods even if they never suit you? Because the teacher knows better and that is the fundamental truth. Well, this September at the oikos Summer School the axiom has been subjected to questions. We listened. We talked. We asked and answered questions. We played. We watched films. We listened to music and danced. We really tried to draw. We even made graphs! We used a lot of flip charts. And don’t even get me started... »

oikos Talks Meets Mr. Gia Barkalaya, Vice-President of VTB Bank Georgia

21 May 2016 | Chapter-News

Inspired by oikos Vienna, which started oikos Talks in December 2014, oikos Tbilisi decided to organize the project at Tbilisi State University. The aim of this series is to give students and interested listeners a personal and special insight in sustainable economics related topics. Also it is our intention to show how broad and diverse the field of sustainable economics and management really is. Therefore every month oikos Tbilisi invites experts from this field to talk and exchange experiences about relevant topics. Speakers or experts may come from many fields such as energy, social entrepreneurship, finance, consulting as well as others. Our guest will be: Vice President of VTB Bank Georgia Mr. Gia Barkalaya Topic : “Corporate Social... »