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First oikos Talks with ‘’Ethic Capital’’

23 April 2015 | Chapter-News | Finance

oikos Tbilisi launched  new project ‘’oikos Talks’’.  The team was inspired by oikos Vienna chapter, which started oikos Talks in December last year.  They  supported oikos Tbilisi to start the project  in Georgia. oikos Talks is the  series of meetings,  the aim of which  is to give students and interested listeners a personal and special insight in sustainable economics related topics. Also it is our intention to show how broad and diverse the field of sustainable economics and management really is. oikos Tbilisi orginised first talk at Tbilisi State University  with invited gusts:  Mr. Davit Niguriani, Managing Director of “Ethic Capital”, Mrs. Maia Gachechiladze, PR Manager of “Ethic Capital”. Gusts delivered very interesting speech to students about suisatnable development... »

oikos Tbilisi starts oikos Talks

16 April 2015 | Chapter-News

Now you can check out oikos Talks held by oikos Tbilisi too. Inspired by oikos Vienna, which started oikos Talks in December 2014, oikos Tbilisi decided to launch the project from April 2015. The aim of this series is to give students and interested audience a personal and special insight in sustainable economics related topics. Therefore every month oikos Tbilisi invites experts from other fields to talk and exchange experiences about relevant topics. The overall goal of the project is to establish strong and informed society. We really believe in the power of ideas to change lives, and ultimately, the world – Smart thinkers=Smart doers. oikos Tbilisi decided to organize the first talk at Tbilisi State University in... »

oikos Summer School

03 October 2014 | Chapter-News | Entrepreneurship

The first oikos Summer School was held in Tbilisi; in the heritage country of  Georgia, with the theme of Social Entrepreneurship and Sustainability in Emerging Markets. The  Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University Ivane, better known as Tbilisi State University (TSU), is the oldest university in the Caucasus region. TSU hosted this Summer School for international and Georgian students. The event lasted for 10 days, had 29 participants from 18 countries and  was financed by the Children and Youth Development Fund. The main aim of the summer school was to teach participants about social entrepreneurship in the oikos way: via sharing theoretical and practical knowledge and having hands-on experience. This helped make the participants see the potential of social... »

Call for New Members!

02 October 2014 | Chapter-News

2014-2015 call for new members to join oikos Tbilisi is now open. Do you want to make a difference? Then join us at oikos Tbilisi. Application Form can be seen here.... »

Introduction To Sustainability – 8-week course at TSU

19 February 2014 | Chapter-News

„Introduction to sustainability“ was the topic of the 8-week course held at Tbilisi State University. The course introduced academic approach of Earth Systems and explored how today’s human societies can endure in the face of global change, ecosystem degradation, resource limitations. The course focused on key knowledge areas including population, ecosystems, global change, energy, agriculture, water, environment economics and policy, ethics and cultural history. The participants of the course were from different Universities, mainly from Tbilisi State University students. Fifteen students were elected by applications and interview. The course included readings, videos, discussion and quizzes. The class aimed both: introduce a wide variety of Earth System concepts and to provide sufficient background content (knowledge). After the course students... »

Registration for oikos Tbilisi Conference is now open!

11 January 2014 | Chapter-News | Entrepreneurship

You can now inscribe yourself for the 3rd oikos Tbilisi Conference on ‘Innovative Business Models for a Sustainable Future’. The conference takes place at Tbilisi State University on May 2, 2014 More information here.... »