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New webpage online

09 October 2013 | Chapter-News

We are very happy to present you our brand-new webpage and hope you like it!... »

Student Clubs Shape Universities into a Proper Place for Personal Development

21 May 2013 | Chapter-News

How could students improve learning environment at their universities? Why is it still difficult for them to get involved in university governance? What should Georgian universities do in order to implement sustainability in their structure? These were crucial questions discussed during the Youth Forum organised by oikos Tbilisi. After issuing the report on “Examination of Higher Education Reforms and the Quality of Higher Education in Georgia” last year, oikos Tbilisi has started another big project focused on active involvement of students in university education and governance. In April, oikos members supported by the Open Society Foundation organised the Youth Forum in order to find strategies how to improve the current university education. The forum brought together 90 different stakeholders: students... »

oikos Tbilisi’s 2nd Annual Strategy Meeting

18 February 2013 | Chapter-News

As the members of the big family called oikos Tbilisi, we usually celebrate the very special day-our organization’s birthday every year. As always this year we spent a great time. Apart from being enjoyable the day appeared to be quite productive. Firstly we discussed the problematic issues that need to be improved, as a result we came up with new ideas how to handle with them. Junior members of oikos Tbilisi presented their own, innovative way how to provide properly the information about sustainable development to the pupils of state schools. After the productive working day, we started enjoying the day. We have spent amazing time together, while having entertaining activities we had a chance to introduce one... »

Another Huge Project of oikos Tbilisi

02 November 2012 | Chapter-News

After implementing its biggest and innovative projects called Examination of Higher Education Reforms and the Quality of Higher Education in Georgia, oikos Tbilisi has started another huge project about “The status of student organizations and their participation in university governance in Georgia”, which is also financed by Open Society Foundation. There are a lot of problems arising when it comes to students’ involvement in the governance of Georgian universities. So, project team has pointed out the ones that from their perspective are the most significant. Student Organizations in Georgian Universities are becoming more and more vital. However, there are still a lot of steps needed to take in order to raise awareness about how important role they can... »

CEE Regional Meeting Explores Sustainable Agritourism

22 September 2012 | Chapter-News

On September 7-9 oikos Tbilisi, together with Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University has organized CEE Regional Meeting on the topic – “Sustainable Agritourism” in Tbilisi, Georgia. The conference was opened by the welcome speeches of the president of oikos Tbilisi Levan Pangani, the president of oikos international Dawid Wroblewski, Rector of TSU Aleksander Kvitashvili, Dean of the Faculty of Economics and Business of TSU, the representatives of the Ministry of Economics and Sustainable Development, the Ministry of Agriculture, Eco-education and Interpretation chief specialist, the head of Georgian Youth Parliament and the vice-president of TSU student self-government. After the motivating speeches it was time for intensive seminars and workshops. The first two lectures’ topics were about the Green Growth... »

Global Conference 2012

25 March 2012 | Chapter-News

On March 24, 2012 oikos Tbilisi in cooperation with Iv. Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University held the 4th interenational scientific conference. The heads of the conference organazing committee were Tbilisi State University Associate professor Nino Papachashvili and oikos Tbilisi Prezident Levan Pangani. The conference focused on the subject of “Globalization and Sustainable Economic Development Prospectives”. The working language of the conference was English. This year the conference was special for its program, as the professors of Tbilisi State University took part in it and introduced their own issues too. Also, the significant fact is that on the base of the professors’ issues there was published the complete works with the support of oikos Tbilisi. After the registration of participants the... »