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Another Huge Project of oikos Tbilisi

02 November 2012 | Chapter-News

After implementing its biggest and innovative projects called Examination of Higher Education Reforms and the Quality of Higher Education in Georgia, oikos Tbilisi has started another huge project about “The status of student organizations and their participation in university governance in Georgia”, which is also financed by Open Society Foundation.

There are a lot of problems arising when it comes to students’ involvement in the governance of Georgian universities. So, project team has pointed out the ones that from their perspective are the most significant.

Student Organizations in Georgian Universities are becoming more and more vital. However, there are still a lot of steps needed to take in order to raise awareness about how important role they can really play in university governance as well as for their future generation.

So oikos Tbilisi project team put forward the following objectives for this particular project:

·         To Generate group of research and expert teams for making a study about the student organizations and then valuating their involvement in student governance

·         To make a group research

·         To Get the opinion from the academic and administrative staff of each university

·         Create a website for youth where they will have a freedom of unreservedly say their opinions about any topics

·         Organize presentations and trainings to rise student awareness in establishing student organizations

·         Provide Georgian Universities with world standard evaluation questionnaires

And also, what is most important oikos Tbilisi project team is planning to organize a student forum dedicated to rise the motivation of students in university governance.

After this project oikos Tbilisi and its project team hope to see more and more students interested in founding their own organizations. They expect that the motivation about making changes in their student life will rise among those students who will be trained during trainings and who will be provided with the right information by our website. This website is already functioning and you can see it on the following link (http://youth4youth.ge/)

Besides, this project matches the goals of oikos Tbilisi and is truly sustainable. A strong and motivated students are the fundaments of   sustainable development of Educational system and students involvement at university life. All Project objectives will be achieved, if students acquire the knowledge about how to make their own contributions in University governance. In other words, project team and oikos Tbilisi aims will be obtained, when the students really make a big effort to create their universities a better place while developing themselves too.