oikos TbilisiChapter-NewsFirst oikos Talks with ‘’Ethic Capital’’

First oikos Talks with ‘’Ethic Capital’’

23 April 2015 | Chapter-News | Finance

oikos Tbilisi launched  new project ‘’oikos Talks’’.  The team was inspired by oikos Vienna chapter, which started oikos Talks in December last year.  They  supported oikos Tbilisi to start the project  in Georgia. oikos Talks is the  series of meetings,  the aim of which  is to give students and interested listeners a personal and special insight in sustainable economics related topics. Also it is our intention to show how broad and diverse the field of sustainable economics and management really is.

oikos Tbilisi orginised first talk at Tbilisi State University  with invited gusts:  Mr. Davit Niguriani, Managing Director of “Ethic Capital”, Mrs. Maia Gachechiladze, PR Manager of “Ethic Capital”.

Gusts delivered very interesting speech to students about suisatnable development and the ethic capital itself. After which participants actively involved in discussions and debates, that helped them to deepen their knowledge in sustainable finances.

The representatives of ‘’Ethic Capital’’  had prepared a little surprise for us: they presented a  video about sustainable development which was directed by them. We all were very impressed, after which the discussions continue over tasting oikos tea and coffee.

To raise awareness about sustainability among young generations oikos Tbilisi will continue the series of oikos Talks.  Because Sustainable development is development that meets the needs of the present, without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. By implementing sustainability in economic and management we will learn  that the of use natural resources now will help ensure that there are resources available for sustained industrial growth far into the future.

oikos Talks organizing team is already planing next talk, we look forward to meeting with the next speaker and interesting audience, to share their knowledge, exchange experience and learn more about sustainability.