oikos TbilisiChapter-Newsoikos Photo Contest – Results!

oikos Photo Contest – Results!

21 November 2011 | Chapter-News

It’s been decided! We have a winner of oikos cross-chapter photo competition organised by oikos Tbilisi. Four chapters submitted selections of photographs, which were judged by broad oikos community. Read more to get to know the voting procedure, its outcome and to check out the winning photographs.

Who were the participants?

After the registration every oikos chapter had a chance to take a part in its organizational process. Every student from registered chapters` cities had a chance to apply for this wonderful opportunity and participate in this contest. Four chapters registered in the project: oikos Ahmedabad, oikos Bayreuth, oikos Tbilisi and oikos Warsaw. Hereby oikos Tbilisi expresses their gratitude to these chapters for taking part in this event and demonstrating the Sustainable Unity.

How did the procedure look like?

The first stage was a registration of chapters. Afterwards each registered chapter had to organize a local competition and they had to choose the best 5 photos from the received ones. That is how the top 20 photos were chosen globally for the second stage. The second stage was voting for the best photo via Facebook and our social network Ning. Chapters registered in project were the most privileged in voting procedure. Each registered chapter had a right to vote only for a one photo, but not for the participants of their country. After long discussions, the chapters voted for their favourite photos and gave additional points to the participants. The last stage was summarizing the points and announcing the winner of the contest.

Maximum point photo could get was – 100 points

Facebook album`s results importance in calculation of final scores – 15%;

oikos Ning results` importance – 35%;

Chapter`s choice results` importance – 50%.

Who won?

Above you can find winning photographs ordered according to their final ranking.

1. The Green Unity 

Author: Akaki Chalatashvili

Ning votes: 35

Facebook votes: 15

Final Score: 50

2. Houston, we have plastic  

Author: Ewelina Gawryluk

Bayreuth`s choice:  16.67

Ning votes:  23.33

Facebook votes:  3.88

Final Score: 43.88

3. That’s one small deconstruction for a man, one giant construction for mankind

Author: Ewelina Gawryluk

Ahmedabad`s choice:  16.67

Ning votes: 23.33

Facebook votes:  3.57

Final Score: 43.57