oikos TbilisiChapter-Newsoikos Tbilisi’s 2nd Annual Strategy Meeting

oikos Tbilisi’s 2nd Annual Strategy Meeting

18 February 2013 | Chapter-News

As the members of the big family called oikos Tbilisi, we usually celebrate the very special day-our organization’s birthday every year. As always this year we spent a great time. Apart from being enjoyable the day appeared to be quite productive.
Firstly we discussed the problematic issues that need to be improved, as a result we came up with new ideas how to handle with them. Junior members of oikos Tbilisi presented their own, innovative way how to provide properly the information about sustainable development to the pupils of state schools.

After the productive working day, we started enjoying the day. We have spent amazing time together, while having entertaining activities we had a chance to introduce one another more closely.
oiko’s birthday party gave us much more stimulus to keep on being motivated towards our goals and achieve the success with the united effort and hard work.
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