oikos Tbilisieventsoikos Talks meets “Ethic Capital”

oikos Talks meets “Ethic Capital”



Inspired by oikos Vienna, which started oikos Talks in December 2014, oikos Tbilisi decided to organize the project at Tbilisi State University. The aim of this series is to give students and interested listeners a personal and special insight in sustainable economics related topics. Also it is our intention to show how broad and diverse the field of sustainable economics and management really is. Therefore every month oikos Tbilisi invites experts from this field to talk and exchange experiences about relevant topics. Speakers or experts may come from many fields such as energy, social entrepreneurship, finance, consulting as well as others.


Our first gusts will be:

Mr. Davit Niguriani, Managing Director of “Ethic Capital”
Mrs. Maia Gachechiladze, Representative of “Ethic Capital”

In case you would like to attend oikos Talks, write us at , until 19.04.2015, 21:00